Universal Crossword September 1 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword September 1 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword September 1 2023 Answers:

Certain Japanese brew 5 letters ASAHI
HS course that might feature James Joyce 5 letters APLIT
Secretly include on an email 3 letters BCC
One may give blood 5 letters DONOR
They might be found in a fountain 5 letters COINS
Norma ___ (Sally Field film) 3 letters RAE
Actress Helen & actor Gregory? 11 letters HUNTANDPECK
Web address 3 letters URL
Fraction of an ounce 4 letters DRAM
Fast train from Penn Station to Pennsylvania 5 letters ACELA
One extracts oxygen from water 4 letters GILL
Android relative 3 letters IOS
Kind of diffusion 7 letters OSMOSIS
Actor Jack & singer Barry? 13 letters BLACKANDWHITE
Dashed 3 letters RAN
Articulate poorly 4 letters SLUR
Coastal phenomena 5 letters TIDES
Praiseful lead-in to boy or girl 4 letters ATTA
Dispenser at a bar 3 letters TAP
___ support (computer service) 4 letters TECH
Bank job 5 letters HEIST
White or dark food at Thanksgiving 4 letters MEAT
Minions 2 mentor 3 letters GRU
Actor Martin & author Rex? 13 letters SHORTANDSTOUT
Fastest land animal 7 letters CHEETAH
Actress West 3 letters MAE
Ingredient for a brewer 4 letters HOPS
Italian scooter brand 5 letters VESPA
Small bed size 4 letters TWIN
Graphic design e.g. 3 letters ART
Actor Randall & astronaut Sally? 11 letters PARKANDRIDE
Greek letter that resembles a trident 3 letters PSI
Once more 5 letters AGAIN
Wafer cookie brand 5 letters NILLA
One ___! (Hold on!) 3 letters SEC
Lure 5 letters TEMPT
To this point 5 letters ASYET
Adderall target briefly 4 letters ADHD
Tart-tasting 4 letters SOUR
Actress Chlumsky of My Girl 4 letters ANNA
What picks up off-the-record comments 6 letters HOTMIC
Alternative to a 401(k) 3 letters IRA
Current music group? 4 letters ACDC
Saint Peter is considered the first one 4 letters POPE
Hide out 6 letters LIELOW
How some tips are paid 6 letters INCASH
Syllable of disapproval 3 letters TSK
Injured pride 10 letters BRUISEDEGO
Lloyd of soccer fame 5 letters CARLI
Penitentiary parts 5 letters CELLS
Like some passages 5 letters NASAL
Capisce? 5 letters GOTIT
Approvals 3 letters OKS
Univ. of Cambridge 3 letters MIT
Dude 4 letters BRAH
Too little too ___ 4 letters LATE
Germ-killing 10 letters ANTISEPTIC
Fanatic 3 letters NUT
Serious play 5 letters DRAMA
Off-white color 4 letters ECRU
Closed 4 letters SHUT
What a phoenix rises from 5 letters ASHES
Tool for a confident crossword solver 3 letters PEN
Wee one 3 letters TOT
He could aptly name his dog Spot 5 letters ADMAN
PreCheck org. 3 letters TSA
Totally destroy 6 letters RAVAGE
Aries 6 letters THERAM
Game that’s a real block buster? 6 letters TETRIS
Dries as lips 5 letters CHAPS
A foal is a baby one 5 letters HORSE
Bounce as a stone on a lake surface 4 letters SKIP
Breathe rapidly 4 letters PANT
Sneaky 4 letters WILY
Going nowhere 4 letters IDLE
Without ice 4 letters NEAT
One way to stand 3 letters PAT
Carrier of genetic info 3 letters DNA

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