Universal Crossword November 9 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword November 9 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword November 9 2023 Answers:

I’ll second that 4 letters AMEN
Sling or Hulu 5 letters TVAPP
What’s about one foot? 4 letters SHOE
Broad valley 4 letters DALE
Approach for money 5 letters HITUP
Wee bit 4 letters IOTA
Voice quality used when agreeing with an admiral? (Hint: Consider two in Roman numerals) 10 letters AYEAYETONE
Scheme 4 letters PLOT
Noted parent of eight newborns 7 letters OCTOMOM
Basic PC environment 5 letters MSDOS
Forum robe 4 letters TOGA
Stooge with a bowl cut 3 letters MOE
NFL analyst Manning 3 letters ELI
Be wrong 3 letters ERR
Guys in the Princeton University Polo Club e.g.? 11 letters IVYHORSEMEN
Roller coaster thrill 4 letters LOOP
Tahoe’s mountains 7 letters SIERRAS
May say 5 letters MONTH
One goes oink! 3 letters PIG
Dropped tomato’s sound 5 letters SPLAT
Adds horsepower to 7 letters SOUPSUP
Emperor who was a student of Seneca 4 letters NERO
Crumbling coin collectors? 11 letters SEEDYMETERS
Soak (up) 3 letters SOP
Shirt sleeve filler 3 letters ARM
Parrot or another animal 3 letters APE
Decides 4 letters OPTS
Appears ominously 5 letters LOOMS
Current measures 7 letters AMPERES
Low-cal 4 letters LITE
😉 😉 😉 in a Microsoft spreadsheet? 10 letters EXCELWINKS
Slurpee alternative 4 letters ICEE
Hunger Games character whose name sounds like a bread 5 letters PEETA
Custodian’s collection 4 letters KEYS
Direction in which Across answers are entered 4 letters EAST
If you ask me … 5 letters IDSAY
Biblical garden 4 letters EDEN
Tooth care org. 3 letters ADA
___ Clinic 4 letters MAYO
7-Down orbiter 8 letters ELECTRON
Cool beans! 5 letters NEATO
Dallas NBA team informally 7 letters THEMAVS
Corleone family head 4 letters VITO
Quark’s particle 4 letters ATOM
Cleopatra was a queen of denial for one 3 letters PUN
N95 masks e.g.: Abbr. 3 letters PPE
Nurses as a drink 4 letters SIPS
Poker variant 6 letters HOLDEM
Lawrence of Arabia star Peter 6 letters OTOOLE
Orders from Grubhub maybe 6 letters EATSIN
Wise and flexible person 4 letters YOGI
Flat-topped hills 5 letters MESAS
Rue ___ (Poe setting) 6 letters MORGUE
Bruins legend Bobby 3 letters ORR
Street shader 3 letters ELM
Aussie hopper 3 letters ROO
Joyous shout 6 letters YIPPEE
Bank holdup 5 letters HEIST
College GameDay channel 4 letters ESPN
Combat vet’s affliction 4 letters PTSD
Georgetown team 5 letters HOYAS
Reduced 8 letters LESSENED
Experiencing little to no attraction slangily 3 letters ARO
Summit 3 letters TOP
Official who calls Strike! 3 letters UMP
Expert move 7 letters PROPLAY
First name in student loans? 6 letters SALLIE
Beethoven’s Third 6 letters EROICA
Acts theatrically 6 letters EMOTES
Erupt 4 letters SPEW
Early wheels 5 letters TRIKE
Come face-to-face 4 letters MEET
Super-duper 4 letters ACES
Self-referential 4 letters META
Isle for which a terrier is named 4 letters SKYE
Lead-in to Pen 3 letters EPI
Marked as a ballot 3 letters XED
ID often used on forms 3 letters SSN

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