Universal Crossword November 8 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword November 8 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword November 8 2023 Answers:

Nabisco wafer brand 5 letters NILLA
Silent approval 3 letters NOD
For sure! 3 letters YEP
Regions 5 letters AREAS
Organ used to enjoy organs 3 letters EAR
Gave out cards 5 letters DEALT
___ dish (lab container) 5 letters PETRI
It’s the limit some say 3 letters SKY
Place to say I do 5 letters ALTAR
Sorry too busy (In this clue’s answer note the last 3 letters + the first 3 of 21-Across) 5 letters ICANT
Edge in fashion 7 letters HEMLINE
Court pledge 4 letters OATH
Tweak 5 letters ALTER
PreCheck org. 3 letters TSA
Middle Eastern fruit 3 letters FIG
Performances that may end on a high note? 6 letters OPERAS
Joke target 4 letters BUTT
Put the pedal to the metal (… last 3 + the first 2 of 33-Across) 9 letters FLOOREDIT
This clu has twu 5 letters TYPOS
More in Managua 3 letters MAS
___ we alone? 3 letters ARE
Conspiratorial group (… last 3 + the first 3 of 39-Across) 5 letters CABAL
Top with a feminine cut 9 letters LADIESTEE
Actress Lena 4 letters OLIN
I have to know! 6 letters TELLME
Punk rock subgenre 3 letters EMO
Cosmo e.g. 3 letters MAG
Tell me how you really feel! 5 letters SAYIT
Stable grains 4 letters OATS
With 54-Across sad tunes … and a hint to the indicated letters 7 letters BREAKUP
See 51-Across 5 letters SONGS
Maytag alternative 5 letters AMANA
Occupied a seat 3 letters SAT
Sporting setting 5 letters ARENA
Apt to snap 5 letters TESTY
Pub product 3 letters ALE
Try to prevent 5 letters DETER
Coloring agent 3 letters DYE
Paving material 3 letters TAR
It’s a plus 5 letters ASSET
Catch some z’s 3 letters NAP
Fury 3 letters IRE
Just move on 7 letters LETITGO
Pine relative 5 letters LARCH
Home of India and Indonesia 4 letters ASIA
Snuggled up 7 letters NESTLED
Cask material 3 letters OAK
Feature of desert air 7 letters DRYHEAT
Holler 4 letters YELL
Savor a compliment 7 letters EATITUP
Has every intention of 7 letters PLANSTO
Reservoir creator 3 letters DAM
Rewards for good doggos 6 letters TREATS
Parts of necks 5 letters NAPES
Hospital ctrs. 3 letters ERS
On/___ switch 3 letters OFF
Suffer 3 letters AIL
Swim-bike-run contest informally 3 letters TRI
Type of exam 4 letters ORAL
Tournament passes 4 letters BYES
Sultanate on the Persian Gulf 4 letters OMAN
Shade source 4 letters TREE
We ___ please 5 letters AIMTO
Hand-to-hand fighting 6 letters COMBAT
Startled 7 letters ALARMED
New Orleans nickname 7 letters BIGEASY
Goes for eagerly 7 letters LEAPSAT
Gymnast Raisman 3 letters ALY
Very minor celebrity 7 letters DLISTER
China collections 7 letters TEASETS
911 responder for short 3 letters EMT
Canon line of SLR cameras 3 letters EOS
Sch. in Houston 3 letters TSU
Folklore meanies 5 letters OGRES
Opening poker bet 4 letters ANTE
Mary ___ (cosmetics brand) 3 letters KAY
Zippo 4 letters NADA
Styled after 3 letters ALA
Dr. Jill Biden ___ Jacobs 3 letters NEE
Creative field 3 letters ART

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