Universal Crossword November 7 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword November 7 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword November 7 2023 Answers:

Drugstore items for short 4 letters MEDS
Respond 5 letters REPLY
Super Trouper group 4 letters ABBA
Arguing 4 letters ATIT
I couldn’t ___ more! (Amen!) 5 letters AGREE
Drain problem 4 letters CLOG
Indoor spaces full of savory snacks? 10 letters CHAATROOMS
Adjust as a banjo 4 letters TUNE
Bronx MLB player 6 letters YANKEE
Run-down joints? 8 letters BUMKNEES
Mean smile 5 letters SNEER
Christmas conifer 3 letters FIR
Mar. and Apr. 3 letters MOS
Flatbread appetizer? 11 letters NAANSTARTER
Sloop pole 4 letters MAST
Arena where the Knicks play: Abbr. 3 letters MSG
Ocean fleet 6 letters ARMADA
Occupy 7 letters INHABIT
Receive the inside scoop 7 letters GETATIP
Enclosures in stables 6 letters STALLS
(Woe is me!) 3 letters SOB
I’m up for doing that! 4 letters LETS
Logo for a restaurant selling marinated meat? 11 letters TIKKASYMBOL
UFO voyagers 3 letters ETS
Grp. with Mexico and Brazil 3 letters OAS
Chatting via Slack say 5 letters IMING
I feel bad for that person 8 letters POORSOUL
Earhart who said There’s more to life than being a passenger 6 letters AMELIA
Scary Movie actress Faris 4 letters ANNA
Attire worn while eating a lentil dish? 10 letters DALCLOTHES
CBS procedural franchise 4 letters NCIS
Living the ___ 5 letters DREAM
Word after drag or relay 4 letters RACE
50/50 actor Rogen 4 letters SETH
Some Balkan people 5 letters SERBS
Change for a five 4 letters ONES
Sister store of Bloomingdale’s 5 letters MACYS
Mission: Impossible protagonist Hunt 5 letters ETHAN
Unfaithful actress Lane 5 letters DIANE
Vampire hunter’s weapon 5 letters STAKE
Like a white peacock 4 letters RARE
Comedian Nwodim 3 letters EGO
Closely examining 7 letters PROBING
Ring-tailed primates 6 letters LEMURS
Old-fashioned affirmative 4 letters YESM
Don’t arouse suspicion 9 letters ACTNORMAL
New York or California on an electoral map 9 letters BLUESTATE
Humerus or femur 4 letters BONE
SUCH a long time 4 letters AGES
Slender seabird 4 letters TERN
Once-giant discount chain 5 letters KMART
Rapid 4 letters FAST
A bit off 5 letters AMISS
90s fitness craze 5 letters TAEBO
Menu next to View often 4 letters EDIT
Performs Lose Yourself 4 letters RAPS
Waterfall spray 4 letters MIST
Opposite of pro- 4 letters ANTI
Seal the deal 9 letters SHAKEONIT
Taunt someone during a game 9 letters TALKTRASH
Fashion designer Bill 5 letters BLASS
Lots and lots 4 letters GOBS
Like molehills vis-a-vis mountains 7 letters SMALLER
I’m not! retort 6 letters YOUARE
Prom ride 4 letters LIMO
D.C. transit system 5 letters METRO
Congresswoman Omar 5 letters ILHAN
Sibling’s daughter 5 letters NIECE
Ozone hydrogen etc. 5 letters GASES
Definitely not rave reviews 4 letters PANS
Back in the day 4 letters ONCE
They’re about one in 300 million for winning the Powerball jackpot 4 letters ODDS
Donations to the needy 4 letters ALMS
Hailed transport 3 letters CAB

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