Universal Crossword November 5 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword November 5 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword November 5 2023 Answers:

Charitable offerings 4 letters ALMS
Spill a secret 4 letters BLAB
No seats sign on B’way 3 letters SRO
Molars and canines 5 letters TEETH
… at least that’s what they told me 9 letters SOIGATHER
Like this clue aptly 5 letters VAGUE
Tribute group 9 letters COVERBAND
Some baby shower planners 8 letters DADSTOBE
Number of toes on each emu foot 5 letters THREE
Folk rocker McCombs 4 letters CASS
Like poker’s best flush 5 letters ROYAL
As ___ usual … 3 letters PER
Elect (to) 3 letters OPT
Adventuring companion of Dora the Explorer 3 letters MAP
Actress Remini 4 letters LEAH
Like a shorn sheep wearing a wool sweater for warmth 6 letters IRONIC
Big number? 7 letters HITSONG
Outdoor learning environment for young kids 15 letters FORESTPRESCHOOL
Go on about Star Trek say 7 letters NERDOUT
iRobot product 6 letters ROOMBA
Paperwork piece 4 letters FORM
Bit of wit 3 letters MOT
The Blacklist network 3 letters NBC
Toots and the Maytals genre 3 letters SKA
Pitcher’s delivery? 5 letters SPIEL
Step on it! 4 letters SOLE
Slowly musically 5 letters LENTO
I’ll show you the way 8 letters FOLLOWME
So… you’re ruling this out? 9 letters ISTHATANO
Just some person 5 letters RANDO
Asset for a referee or politician 9 letters THICKSKIN
Love in Paris 5 letters AMOUR
Cul-de-___ 3 letters SAC
Architect’s detail briefly 4 letters SPEC
Little rascals 4 letters IMPS
Yamaha Raptor e.g. 3 letters ATV
X-ray protection 9 letters LEADAPRON
Giant shop 9 letters MEGASTORE
Small earrings 5 letters STUDS
Undesirable kind of prize 5 letters BOOBY
Deny one’s true self 8 letters LIVEALIE
It’s just a number 3 letters AGE
10-year-old Simpson 4 letters BART
One of two in D major 5 letters SHARP
Trans tennis star Richards 5 letters RENEE
Opposite of chaos 5 letters ORDER
First word of Nowhere Man 3 letters HES
Give me the ___ (phrase that could be said in two senses at an ice cream social) 5 letters SCOOP
Frankly in a text 3 letters TBH
Some farm machinery 8 letters TRACTORS
Updo for one 4 letters COIF
Time to get the show on the road! 8 letters LETSROLL
Perform incorrectly 5 letters MISDO
Fancy necktie 5 letters ASCOT
Twinkie relative 4 letters HOHO
Spongy toy brand 4 letters NERF
Gender-affirming treatment for short 3 letters HRT
(Chows down on a cookie) 9 letters NOMNOMNOM
Chowed down on as a cookie 9 letters GOBBLEDUP
Quarterback’s deceitful throw 8 letters PUMPFAKE
Lingerie fabric 4 letters LACE
It takes up space in many fruit salads 5 letters MELON
Thin cuts 5 letters SLITS
Die Young singer 5 letters KESHA
Bit of inanity 5 letters ANTIC
Like the bonds in table salt 5 letters IONIC
Hindu teacher 5 letters SWAMI
Baking ingredient in some brownies? 3 letters THC
Durable wood sources 4 letters OAKS
Singer Rita 3 letters ORA
1/48 of a cup for short 3 letters TSP
Scrub spots: Abbr. 3 letters ORS

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