Universal Crossword November 4 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword November 4 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword November 4 2023 Answers:

Unremarkable 4 letters SOSO
Device that had a Shuffle model 4 letters IPOD
Toilet paper layers 5 letters PLIES
Country sharing three letters with its western neighbor 4 letters IRAN
Pit stop swap 10 letters TIRECHANGE
Kvetch and kvetch 4 letters RANT
Signature orange sweatshirt for a hoops fan 10 letters WNBAHOODIE
The I in ROYGBIV 6 letters INDIGO
Major rock piece? 4 letters SLAB
Really get to 3 letters IRK
Aplenty 6 letters GALORE
Corkscrew pasta’s shape 6 letters SPIRAL
Was just fine emotionally 8 letters FELTOKAY
___ Tome and Principe 3 letters SAO
___ milk 3 letters OAT
So do we! 5 letters USTOO
Super often 4 letters ALOT
Go with the flow 5 letters ADAPT
Type of port on a PC 3 letters USB
Stupendous work! 5 letters BRAVO
List of dishes 4 letters MENU
Waxing or waning gibbous 5 letters PHASE
Vietnamese holiday 3 letters TET
We’ll figure it out on a TV schedule 3 letters TBA
Nothing can stop me! 8 letters IMONFIRE
Moral principles 6 letters ETHICS
Extraterrestrials 6 letters ALIENS
Home to Harvey Milk Terminal 1: Abbr. 3 letters SFO
Dragon Ball Z protagonist 4 letters GOKU
What may put a spring in your step? 6 letters INSOLE
One who might hail a cab? 10 letters WINECRITIC
Egypt’s ___ Canal 4 letters SUEZ
Jewelry company named for its founder’s two daughters 10 letters ALEXANDANI
Password creator 4 letters USER
Attack on all sides 5 letters BESET
___ the front door! 4 letters SHUT
Spanish for potato 4 letters PAPA
Portable speaker? 4 letters SIRI
Citrusy drink 9 letters ORANGEADE
Downside of wearing strapped shoes 9 letters SANDALTAN
Making irrational decisions at a poker table 6 letters ONTILT
All fixed! 7 letters ITWORKS
You are here marker 3 letters PIN
Partners of scepters 4 letters ORBS
Gives out cards 5 letters DEALS
Intense fear 6 letters PHOBIA
Language related to Thai 3 letters LAO
Country home to most tigers 5 letters INDIA
Emo-inspired Gen-Z aesthetic 5 letters EGIRL
Search for 4 letters SEEK
Pants for a rodeo 5 letters CHAPS
Hit the town 5 letters GOOUT
Devour 5 letters EATUP
Tiger’s cry 4 letters ROAR
Latte art medium 4 letters FOAM
Green dinosaur in the Marioverse 5 letters YOSHI
Becoming author Michelle 5 letters OBAMA
Radio show hosted by Maria Hinojosa 9 letters LATINOUSA
Ignore one’s alarm clock 9 letters OVERSLEEP
Farmer’s market bag 4 letters TOTE
Light Switch singer Charlie 4 letters PUTH
Porto-Novo’s country 5 letters BENIN
Ask for 7 letters SOLICIT
Tiger for one 6 letters BIGCAT
Nut that Scrat chased in the Ice Age films 5 letters ACORN
Say I did it perhaps 6 letters FESSUP
Submit taxes online 5 letters EFILE
Makeup palette choices 5 letters TONES
Slides on the road 5 letters SKIDS
Cotton-tipped applicator 4 letters SWAB
Salt Lake City’s state 4 letters UTAH
Book before Nehemiah 4 letters EZRA
Palindromic file name ending 3 letters EXE
Shiba ___ 3 letters INU

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