Universal Crossword November 3 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword November 3 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword November 3 2023 Answers:

Resist like gravity 4 letters DEFY
Most comedians named Jimmy didn’t 5-Down but … 6 letters CARDED
Cute ___ button 3 letters ASA
Balm that’s 75% vowels 4 letters ALOE
Long black vehicle 6 letters HEARSE
Gosh! 3 letters MAN
Big Mouth girl voiced by Nick Kroll 4 letters LOLA
Female spider’s pouch 6 letters EGGSAC
___ habits die hard 3 letters OLD
Tattoo liquids 4 letters INKS
Not trans 3 letters CIS
Helpful 5 letters OFUSE
Shameful! sounds 4 letters TSKS
Film noir hats 7 letters FEDORAS
Greet someone wordlessly 6 letters WAVEHI
Duck found backward in ingredients 5 letters EIDER
Showed off one’s muscles 6 letters FLEXED
Most politicians named Al wouldn’t partake in 23-Down but … 7 letters GOURMET
That’s gotta ___! 4 letters HURT
Eldest HS students 3 letters SRS
Pirates’ yeses 4 letters AYES
Most late-night hosts named Bill wouldn’t consume 4-Down but … 7 letters MARMITE
Gene mutation 6 letters ALLELE
Prepare to photograph 5 letters AIMAT
Pamper 6 letters CODDLE
Farm vehicle 7 letters TRACTOR
Hamilton opening 4 letters ACTI
Car rental brand 5 letters HERTZ
Full theater initials 3 letters SRO
AccuStrike blaster brand 4 letters NERF
The Used genre 3 letters EMO
More expansive 6 letters VASTER
Personal hero 4 letters IDOL
Sit back? 3 letters TIS
I’ll turn this car ___! 6 letters AROUND
Clownfish of film 4 letters NEMO
Body spray brand 3 letters AXE
Most actresses named Kathryn don’t drive 43-Down but … 6 letters HONDAS
Nibble like a mouse 4 letters GNAW
Artsy Salvador 4 letters DALI
North Carolina college 4 letters ELON
Woody Guthrie genre 4 letters FOLK
Flavor enhancer in many canned soups 12 letters YEASTEXTRACT
Verify a clubber’s age 7 letters CHECKID
Protection or Zeus’s shield 5 letters AEGIS
Dishcloths 4 letters RAGS
Rx prescribers 3 letters DRS
Spanish for that 3 letters ESA
Cryptographer’s device 7 letters DECODER
Love in Le Havre 5 letters AMOUR
Dip … or dance that involves dipping 5 letters SALSA
Alpamayo’s mountain range 5 letters ANDES
Upscale eating experience 12 letters FORMALDINING
___ Kills Monsters (play) 3 letters SHE
Verizon offering 4 letters FIOS
www.cornell.___ 3 letters EDU
Remote business: Abbr. 3 letters WFH
Many a univ. donor 4 letters ALUM
___ Bradley (handbag brand) 4 letters VERA
White heron 5 letters EGRET
Gazed at 4 letters EYED
Rat (on) 4 letters TELL
Part of the Converse logo 4 letters STAR
Get it? 3 letters SEE
Bar ___ (Jewish rite) 7 letters MITZVAH
Texter’s I think … 3 letters IMO
Certain midsize sedans 7 letters ACCORDS
Place to park 3 letters LOT
Letter after eta 5 letters THETA
DJ’s version of a song 5 letters REMIX
Got up 5 letters AROSE
Gladiator’s venue 5 letters ARENA
Sexy guy 4 letters STUD
Actress Espinosa 4 letters EDEN
Capitale d’Italia 4 letters ROMA
___ of traffic 4 letters FLOW
Not likely to catch feelings briefly 3 letters ARO
Hercules to Jupiter 3 letters SON

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