Universal Crossword November 29 2023 Answers

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Universal Crossword November 29 2023 Answers:

Soothing stuff 4 letters BALM
Lose fur 4 letters SHED
Ocean’s highs and lows 5 letters TIDES
Soothing stuff 4 letters ALOE
Second half of a spa combo 4 letters PEDI
Bring together 5 letters UNITE
Doe’s mate 4 letters STAG
Place with many agitators 10 letters LAUNDROMAT
The Ramones’ I Wanna Be ___ 7 letters SEDATED
Chivalrous fellow 4 letters GENT
Globe 3 letters ORB
Place to surf 3 letters WEB
Anatomical pouch 3 letters SAC
That punch hurt! 3 letters OOF
Prefix for the budget-conscious 5 letters ECONO
Home of the Mona Lisa 6 letters LOUVRE
Scrooge’s scoff 3 letters BAH
Band worn at a pageant 4 letters SASH
Responses at church 5 letters AMENS
Archer’s projectile 5 letters ARROW
Universal remote brand 3 letters RCA
Fortuneteller’s deck 5 letters TAROT
Capital on the Nile 5 letters CAIRO
Enjoy a meal 4 letters DINE
You might walk all over it 3 letters MAT
NFL team at Levi’s Stadium informally 6 letters NINERS
Place for a plug that can safely get wet 5 letters DRAIN
Sentence structure’s school subj. 3 letters ENG
Frat party fixture 3 letters KEG
Word before mouth or foot 3 letters BIG
Apply gingerly 3 letters DAB
Jackson 5 hairdo 4 letters AFRO
Study of the ear 7 letters OTOLOGY
Minor request 10 letters SMALLFAVOR
Tennis great Lendl 4 letters IVAN
Couldn’t help it 5 letters HADTO
Jab 4 letters POKE
Note to employees 4 letters MEMO
Provide with funding 5 letters ENDOW
Frozen queen 4 letters ELSA
Coffee tea or mead 4 letters BREW
Opera singer with a low voice 5 letters BASSO
Make a change to 5 letters ALTER
Like a structurally important wall 11 letters LOADBEARING
Prefix meaning million 4 letters MEGA
Organs near stomachs 7 letters SPLEENS
Support for reading in bed 9 letters HEADBOARD
End of a college email address 3 letters EDU
Minor dents 5 letters DINGS
Traitor 8 letters TURNCOAT
How some NFL games end 4 letters INOT
Not too bright 3 letters DIM
Flight tracker stat 3 letters ETA
Band’s playlist 3 letters SET
Word said during a handshake 4 letters DEAL
A pair 3 letters TWO
Repeatedly or what can precede both parts of 3- 6- 9- 36- or 39-Down 11 letters OVERANDOVER
… but we could do something else 5 letters ORNOT
Suffix with Oktober 4 letters FEST
Laundry or dusting 5 letters CHORE
Savory flavor 5 letters UMAMI
Thinker? 5 letters BRAIN
Poli ___ 3 letters SCI
Reference manuals 9 letters HANDBOOKS
Benzoyl peroxide target 4 letters ACNE
Process for completing tasks 8 letters WORKFLOW
Horn of Africa nation 7 letters ERITREA
Feudal laborer 4 letters SERF
A long time ___ 3 letters AGO
Flip out 5 letters GOAPE
Team’s best effort 5 letters AGAME
Already 5 letters BYNOW
Voice above tenor 4 letters ALTO
Arm or leg 4 letters LIMB
Elle in English 3 letters SHE
End of a superhero’s name perhaps 3 letters MAN
Calculate a total 3 letters ADD
Loudness: Abbr. 3 letters VOL

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