Universal Crossword November 28 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword November 28 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword November 28 2023 Answers:

Goat sound 3 letters MAA
Deer who is Thumper’s friend 5 letters BAMBI
Take to the slopes 3 letters SKI
Back in Black band 4 letters ACDC
Belted constellation 5 letters ORION
Take it on the ___ 4 letters CHIN
MMXXIII for one 4 letters YEAR
Studio behind Up 5 letters PIXAR
Military org. on campuses 4 letters ROTC
Like a Brink’s truck 7 letters ARMORED
Floral brew 7 letters ROSETEA
Tiny 3 letters WEE
Mimic 3 letters APE
Place to wear a robe 3 letters SPA
Scanned ID at a supermarket 7 letters UPCCODE
Silly me! 3 letters DOH
City voting districts 5 letters WARDS
Say what? 3 letters HUH
Dancing With the Stars winner Ohno 5 letters APOLO
Fisher of Eighth Grade 5 letters ELSIE
PC shortcut key 3 letters ALT
Organizing consultant Marie 5 letters KONDO
Kings of ___ (rock band) 4 letters LEON
Lawn care brand 5 letters ORTHO
Gallon or gram 4 letters UNIT
Like many Oscar speeches 4 letters LONG
More sad 5 letters BLUER
Golf ball supports 4 letters TEES
Greed 7 letters AVARICE
___ Grand (Vegas hotel) 3 letters MGM
Word-for-word 7 letters LITERAL
Actress Dennings of WandaVision 3 letters KAT
Enjoying solitude say 5 letters ALONE
Before now 3 letters AGO
Strummed and picked instrument 5 letters BANJO
Loosen 5 letters RELAX
British granny 3 letters NAN
Vast expanse of water 5 letters OCEAN
Ta-ta! 5 letters SEEYA
Either side of a Mad magazine battle 3 letters SPY
Void ___ prohibited 5 letters WHERE
*Sure why not?! 4 letters MAYA
Laptop brand 4 letters ACER
Eve’s partner 4 letters ADAM
Woody’s love interest in Toy Story 6 letters BOPEEP
Dry as a desert 4 letters ARID
Margarita ___ 3 letters MIX
Pig that becomes a snake when its last letter is removed 4 letters BOAR
Bit of headway 6 letters INROAD
Attempt 4 letters SHOT
Benjamin Franklin allegedly flew one 4 letters KITE
*Colluding 4 letters INCA
*Clustering (around) 4 letters CROW
*Exit stealthily 4 letters CREE
Reduce ___ recycle 5 letters REUSE
Bark for me! 5 letters SPEAK
Neato! 5 letters SWELL
Diet heavy on the meats 5 letters PALEO
Burning crime 5 letters ARSON
Phonies 10 letters CHARLATANS
Chasm between peoples … and what each starred clue’s answer bridges by leaping over a black square 10 letters CULTUREGAP
Ha karma strikes again! 10 letters OHTHEIRONY
Death Be Not Proud poet and an anagram of no end 5 letters DONNE
Hit from the 1960s say 5 letters OLDIE
___ and hollers 5 letters HOOTS
Microwave alert 4 letters DING
Sit in a corner and sulk 4 letters POUT
Well duh! 4 letters OBVI
Killer whale 4 letters ORCA
Echo voice 5 letters ALEXA
Joint in the arm 5 letters ELBOW
Planet that some have proposed terraforming 4 letters MARS
Unbridled joy 4 letters GLEE
Planted agent 4 letters MOLE
Joint in the leg 4 letters KNEE
Slightly open 4 letters AJAR
Musical sound 4 letters TONE
Vote against 3 letters NAY
Berliner’s cry 3 letters ACH

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