Universal Crossword November 24 2022 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword November 24 2022 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword November 24 2022 Answers:

Tree tapped for sap 5 letters MAPLE
Gross! 3 letters UGH
Angela Merkel has one in quantum chemistry 3 letters PHD
Northeastern New Jersey county 5 letters ESSEX
Three: Prefix 3 letters TRI
Sound from a lion or a Mustang 4 letters ROAR
*Turkey wings but not turkey legs 9 letters WHITEMEAT
Thai dish served with peanut sauce 5 letters SATAY
Utter disdain 5 letters SCORN
Harm 6 letters DAMAGE
Ice sheet 4 letters FLOE
*They share a living room 10 letters SUITEMATES
Is this heaven? No it’s ___ (Field of Dreams) 4 letters IOWA
Informal attempt 4 letters STAB
Word of warning 4 letters DONT
Quick drawing 6 letters SKETCH
One Happy Island in the Caribbean 5 letters ARUBA
With 34- 36- and 37-Across ulterior motive … or a hint to the word concealed in each starred clue’s answer 3 letters HID
Wolf pup’s home 3 letters DEN
Get along in years 3 letters AGE
Confidentiality doc 3 letters NDA
No worries! 5 letters ITSOK
Noted podcast that splits stories across episodes 6 letters SERIAL
Some are loose-leaf 4 letters TEAS
Tough hike 4 letters TREK
Automaker Ferrari 4 letters ENZO
*It’s never dull! 10 letters EXCITEMENT
For fear that 4 letters LEST
Grouse quietly 6 letters MUTTER
Outstanding balance? 5 letters POISE
Amazon ___ Video 5 letters PRIME
*Evidence of vampire attacks 9 letters BITEMARKS
High woodwind 4 letters OBOE
Picnic pest 3 letters ANT
Business as ___ 5 letters USUAL
Taxpayer ID 3 letters SSN
Small dosage amts. 3 letters MGS
Estelle of The Golden Girls 5 letters GETTY
Kitty’s hello 3 letters MEW
Wood used in bats 3 letters ASH
Inflation letters? 3 letters PSI
Dinner’s ready! 7 letters LETSEAT
C-suite VIP 4 letters EXEC
First home? 6 letters UTERUS
Gelato alternative 7 letters GRANITA
Smash 3 letters HIT
One may be mashed 6 letters POTATO
With 38-Down ice-cream brand whose name conceals a thematic bonus 6 letters HAAGEN
Most arid 6 letters DRYEST
Wyndham hotel chain 6 letters RAMADA
Nov. and Dec. 3 letters MOS
Diane’s lover on Cheers 3 letters SAM
Works the glitches out of 6 letters DEBUGS
Pescatarian protein 4 letters FISH
Shape-shifting Norse god 4 letters LOKI
Had an outstanding balance 4 letters OWED
Educated author Westover 4 letters TARA
Summer hrs. in St. Paul 3 letters CDT
Hawthorne heroine Prynne 6 letters HESTER
Garden drone e.g. 3 letters BEE
Just what you’d expect 4 letters NORM
One four ___ sixteen … 4 letters NINE
See 10-Down 4 letters DAZS
Tons 4 letters ALOT
Are you noticing this too? 6 letters ISITME
Not letting go of 7 letters KEEPING
Let go of 7 letters RELEASE
Presto and lento 6 letters TEMPOS
Where many commutes start 6 letters EXURBS
It’s done 6 letters ACTION
___ Berry Farm 6 letters KNOTTS
Golf prop 3 letters TEE
Even score 3 letters TIE
Like a know-it-all 4 letters SMUG
(Pow!) 3 letters BAM
Dull groove 3 letters RUT
Follower of Kit or Krazy 3 letters KAT
Sneaky 3 letters SLY

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