Universal Crossword November 22 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword November 22 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword November 22 2023 Answers:

Regimen for injured athletes 5 letters REHAB
Olympic centerpiece 5 letters FLAME
The Joy of Painting network 3 letters PBS
Find new ways to thrive 5 letters ADAPT
Greased as a pan 5 letters OILED
Illusionist Geller 3 letters URI
Lenient response to skipping a bus payment? 11 letters FAREWARNING
Complementary color of green 3 letters RED
Discover competitor informally 4 letters AMEX
Modern honey substitute? 3 letters BAE
Drive out 5 letters EXPEL
Actress Breslin of Little Miss Sunshine 7 letters ABIGAIL
Apt rhyme for goos 4 letters OOZE
Bugs caught on the bus? 15 letters COMMUTERVIRUSES
Halt to a pirate 5 letters AVAST
Fill with glee 5 letters ELATE
Shout before You’re it! 3 letters TAG
Shape of the letter C 3 letters ARC
What a flare can mean 3 letters SOS
Oh joy 3 letters FUN
Bay Area footballer 5 letters NINER
Motive 5 letters CAUSE
Sleeping bus passengers who miss their stops? 15 letters ROUTEVEGETABLES
Highest position 4 letters ACME
Twisty rumba maneuvers 7 letters SWIVELS
Tread forcefully 5 letters STOMP
Two-finger sign 3 letters VEE
Canine of Garfield comics 4 letters ODIE
Turtleneck for one 3 letters TOP
Bus boycott? 11 letters RIDERSBLOCK
South Asian Simpsons character 3 letters APU
AOL offering 5 letters EMAIL
One-on-one learner 5 letters TUTEE
Monica to Ross informally 3 letters SIS
Jazz saxophonist Stitt 5 letters SONNY
Jouster’s mount 5 letters STEED
Tennis’ King of Clay familiarly 4 letters RAFA
Semisoft cheese 4 letters EDAM
Rabbit relative 4 letters HARE
HS tests scored from 1 to 5 7 letters APEXAMS
Oh forgot 2 mention … 3 letters BTW
Hunt for food 6 letters FORAGE
Like the function y = 2x 6 letters LINEAR
Noted boxer and trash-talker 3 letters ALI
Half of ABBA’s members 3 letters MEN
On ___ (anxious) 4 letters EDGE
With a goal in mind 10 letters PURPOSEFUL
Easy job 6 letters BREEZE
Walks laterally 6 letters SIDLES
Just slightly 4 letters ABIT
Close as a dialog box 4 letters XOUT
It’s a lighter gas 6 letters BUTANE
Folk revivalist Burl 4 letters IVES
Hula-dancing Disney girl 4 letters LILO
Fluffy cafe denizen 3 letters CAT
Eggs from the Latin 3 letters OVA
Culminating creation 10 letters MAGNUMOPUS
Endearingly mischievous sort 6 letters RASCAL
Races like an engine 4 letters REVS
Plane personnel 4 letters CREW
What’s the ___? 3 letters USE
Mega Man console: Abbr. 3 letters NES
Agenda part 4 letters ITEM
Skyy alternative 7 letters ABSOLUT
Jah worshippers 6 letters RASTAS
Heavily armed sea creatures? 6 letters OCTOPI
Succumb (to) 6 letters GIVEIN
Either Cathy’s Clown singer 6 letters EVERLY
Polo alternatives 4 letters TEES
The P of POTUS for short 4 letters PRES
Lavish affection (on) 4 letters DOTE
Cold drink with a Mermaid variety 4 letters ICEE
Squeaked (by) 4 letters EKED
Texter’s If you ask me … 3 letters IMO
Dapper ___ 3 letters DAN
K-pop septet 3 letters BTS

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