Universal Crossword November 21 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword November 21 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword November 21 2023 Answers:

Long jump 4 letters LEAP
Zany 6 letters MADCAP
Hypotheticals 3 letters IFS
Arizona county known as the Winter Salad Bowl Capital 4 letters YUMA
Women’s World Cup chant 6 letters OLEOLE
Nada 3 letters NIL
Edge edge? 11 letters FRONTBUMPER
Ur right 3 letters TRU
Highest part of the Statue of Liberty 5 letters TORCH
Dog that may undergo DNA testing 4 letters MUTT
Visionary? 4 letters SEER
Sighed sound 3 letters AAH
Expedition expedition? 8 letters ROADTRIP
Sleeveless summer shirt 7 letters TANKTOP
Pieces by Ocean Vuong or Maya Angelou 5 letters POEMS
Moisturizer additive 4 letters ALOE
Corned beef ___ 4 letters HASH
The ) in 🙂 5 letters SMILE
Vinyl records for short 3 letters LPS
Escape escape? 7 letters JOYRIDE
Loosey-goosey 3 letters LAX
Accept eagerly 5 letters LAPUP
Trig function 4 letters SINE
2022 Best Director Campion 4 letters JANE
Hollowed as an apple 5 letters CORED
Maybe maybe not 7 letters DEPENDS
Fiesta fiesta? 8 letters TAILGATE
When you ___ it that way … 3 letters PUT
Leatherworker’s tools 4 letters AWLS
Thaw 4 letters MELT
Bombards with email 5 letters SPAMS
The Simpsons bartender 3 letters MOE
Explorer explorer? 11 letters CARMECHANIC
___ favor 3 letters POR
You’re right! 6 letters AGREED
Flavor of a bottle-shaped gummy 4 letters COLA
___ Toy Barn (fictional store that has Pixar’s address) 3 letters ALS
Features of male turkeys 6 letters BEARDS
Clove hitch or butterfly loop 4 letters KNOT
Ride-hailing app with a pink logo 4 letters LYFT
Irish currency 4 letters EURO
Latin love 4 letters AMOR
Silver dollar in a stack say 7 letters PANCAKE
Horde 3 letters MOB
Grad 4 letters ALUM
Take exception 5 letters DEMUR
Admit guilt in 5 letters COPTO
Handle at the pub 6 letters ALETAP
For each 3 letters PER
Coppa Italia champions in 2023 10 letters INTERMILAN
Gay hot spot in New York 10 letters FIREISLAND
Consume noodles noisily 5 letters SLURP
Well ___ escalated quickly 4 letters THAT
Education acronym that encompasses chemistry 4 letters STEM
Twinkie alternative 4 letters HOHO
Two tablets maybe 4 letters DOSE
Like most WNBA players 4 letters TALL
Soft sweater strands 10 letters ALPACAWOOL
I haven’t seen it yet! 10 letters NOSPOILERS
Foots the bill 4 letters PAYS
___ Lanka 3 letters SRI
Like rear legs 4 letters HIND
They used to date 4 letters EXES
GIF alternative 4 letters JPEG
Not superficial 4 letters DEEP
Web addresses 4 letters URLS
Equipment for flying solo? 7 letters JETPACK
Make a dent in maybe 6 letters DAMAGE
Shove 4 letters PUSH
Sarah Paulson’s Florida hometown 5 letters TAMPA
___-cotta 5 letters TERRA
Bull on a glue bottle 5 letters ELMER
Ticked (off) 4 letters TEED
Author unknown: Abbr. 4 letters ANON
Name found in Demi Lovato 4 letters MILO
Shoo! 4 letters SCAT
Taxi 3 letters CAB
They can be upcycled into a disco ball 3 letters CDS

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