Universal Crossword November 20 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword November 20 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword November 20 2023 Answers:

Relating to stars 6 letters ASTRAL
Wonderful in slang 3 letters FAB
___ vez (again in Spanish) 4 letters OTRA
Go to great lengths 6 letters STRIVE
Ending for lemon 3 letters ADE
Subpar 4 letters POOR
Influencer’s material? (In this answer note the first letter + the last 4 letters) 10 letters PROPAGANDA
Bring into harmony 4 letters SYNC
Desire sinfully 5 letters COVET
Savory taste 5 letters UMAMI
(Finger on lips) 3 letters SHH
Certain primate 3 letters APE
Indian state bordering Bhutan 5 letters ASSAM
Alliance whose HQ is in Brussels 4 letters NATO
Topper for King Charles (… first 2 letters + last 3) 12 letters BRITISHCROWN
___ chi 3 letters TAI
Zippo 3 letters NIL
Defeated in a footrace 6 letters OUTRAN
Become more viscous 7 letters THICKEN
Is that ___ or to go? 7 letters FORHERE
Williams with 23 Grand Slam titles 6 letters SERENA
Word before top or dog 3 letters LAP
American currency: Abbr. 3 letters USD
Preppy fashion choice (… first 2 letters + last 3) 12 letters POPPEDCOLLAR
Flower bitten during a tango 4 letters ROSE
Open as a bottle 5 letters UNCAP
Ew! Stop talking! 3 letters TMI
Bestselling writer? 3 letters BIC
Slow to Vivaldi 5 letters LARGO
Implement as feedback 5 letters ACTON
Questions 4 letters ASKS
Carte blanche (… first 3 letters + last 2) 10 letters BLANKCHECK
Part of a flight 4 letters STEP
Plead 3 letters BEG
Gymnast Katelyn known for routines gone viral 6 letters OHASHI
Como ___ usted? 4 letters ESTA
Much ___ About Nothing 3 letters ADO
Meat substitute 6 letters SEITAN
Pet safety org. 5 letters ASPCA
Barber’s sharpener 5 letters STROP
Hoard of treasure 5 letters TROVE
Ready to pluck 4 letters RIPE
2009 blockbuster with a 2022 sequel 6 letters AVATAR
Part of a flight 3 letters LEG
Letters from supporters 7 letters FANMAIL
Wednesday for one 6 letters ADDAMS
Smile radiantly 4 letters BEAM
Covert ___ 3 letters OPS
Outlets for simple robots? 9 letters TOYSTORES
Thirteen Lives director 9 letters RONHOWARD
Gateway ___ 4 letters ARCH
Weird city in Texas 6 letters AUSTIN
Run up as expenses 5 letters INCUR
Late singer O’Connor 6 letters SINEAD
Medieval king of legend 6 letters ARTHUR
Muscles worked on arm day 6 letters BICEPS
Big to-do 6 letters HOOPLA
Opposite of SSW 3 letters NNE
Deep thinkers 9 letters THEORISTS
Cause of turbulence 9 letters AIRPOCKET
Kitchen amt. 3 letters TSP
Prepare to pray or protest 5 letters KNEEL
Bird representing Horus in hieroglyphs 6 letters FALCON
Way back when 7 letters LONGAGO
Like hair done with rollers 6 letters CURLED
Southwestern people 6 letters APACHE
Tool for statistical comparison 5 letters TTEST
Chocolaty coffee drink 5 letters MOCHA
Color with a pen 5 letters INKIN
Safe spot in softball 4 letters BASE
Voyage pop group 4 letters ABBA
Spiced tea 4 letters CHAI
Place to get a salt scrub 3 letters SPA
Boxing wins: Abbr. 3 letters KOS

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