Universal Crossword November 2 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword November 2 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword November 2 2023 Answers:

Parts of a day briefly 3 letters HRS
Foul smells 5 letters ODORS
What a great song does in slang 5 letters SLAPS
Aye in Marseille 3 letters OUI
The color of money 5 letters GREEN
Comes down in buckets 5 letters POURS
Rock ___ boat 3 letters THE
Checkbox alternative on a digital survey (In this answer note the first 3 letters + the last 2) 11 letters RADIOBUTTON
N.Y. baseball mascot with a ponytail 6 letters MRSMET
Just watch me! 5 letters CANSO
I as in Ithaca 4 letters IOTA
Safari sound 4 letters ROAR
Take a Chance on Me group 4 letters ABBA
Song of the summer maybe (… first letter + last 5 letters) 11 letters CHARTTOPPER
___ Poetica 3 letters ARS
Reluctant 5 letters LOATH
Yeah sure 5 letters UHHUH
Small yet vocal subgroup or a theme hint 13 letters FRINGEELEMENT
Trolley noise 5 letters CLANG
Foyer 5 letters LOBBY
Mountain ___ (soda) 3 letters DEW
Rams’ home (… first 2 letters + last 4) 11 letters SOFISTADIUM
One may trail a superhero 4 letters CAPE
Castle protection 4 letters MOAT
Hathaway or Heche 4 letters ANNE
Broadcasting live 5 letters ONAIR
LGBTQ+ book genre 6 letters GAYLIT
It covers current events (… first 2 letters + last 2) 11 letters NEWSSTATION
EPA measure affected by smog 3 letters AQI
Couldn’t get enough of 5 letters ATEUP
What makes dough rise 5 letters YEAST
Delicious! 3 letters YUM
Long-eared hoppers 5 letters HARES
Taste or smell 5 letters SENSE
Observe 3 letters SEE
Liability on a lapel 6 letters HOTMIC
Yikes! from Scooby-Doo 6 letters RUHROH
Afternoon nap 6 letters SIESTA
Fairy-tale beast 4 letters OGRE
Phooey! 4 letters DRAT
Ref. whose 2022 word of the year was goblin mode 3 letters OED
Camping co-op 3 letters REI
Piece of candy with a wintry name 6 letters SNOCAP
Whirled 4 letters SPUN
Heaps of casually 5 letters LOTSA
German highway with no speed limit for the most part 8 letters AUTOBAHN
Ace 3 letters PRO
Personal ID 3 letters SSN
Expose 4 letters BARE
Swordfish relative 6 letters MARLIN
Mechanical learning method 4 letters ROTE
Hamlet noblewoman 7 letters OPHELIA
Champagne classification 4 letters BRUT
Fire remnant 3 letters ASH
Hot dog handlers 5 letters TONGS
Game with a freeze variety 3 letters TAG
Cuban dance 5 letters RUMBA
Peak popularity 6 letters HEYDAY
Circus insect 4 letters FLEA
Force of nature? 8 letters RAWPOWER
Clueless 4 letters LOST
Grocery payment option: Abbr. 3 letters EBT
Org. investigating outbreaks 3 letters CDC
Forget to include 4 letters OMIT
Ventures 6 letters FORAYS
Dental fillings 6 letters INLAYS
___ New York (tongue twister) 6 letters UNIQUE
Personal day maybe 6 letters METIME
Come next 5 letters ENSUE
Nile reptiles 4 letters ASPS
Rumors in slang 4 letters GOSS
Poker stake 4 letters ANTE
Hard pass 3 letters NAH
Greek H 3 letters ETA
Shirt that may be upcycled into a quilt 3 letters TEE
Author and illustrator Falconer 3 letters IAN

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