Universal Crossword November 19 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword November 19 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword November 19 2023 Answers:

The slightest bit 4 letters ATAD
76ers legend Erving to fans 3 letters DRJ
Presentation from an aspiring World Cup host 3 letters BID
Green sherbet flavor 4 letters LIME
Real head-turner 5 letters BEAUT
Answering machine sound 4 letters TONE
Alas it appears likely 10 letters IMAFRAIDSO
Actress Kendrick 4 letters ANNA
Rio de Janeiro to Istanbul 10 letters SISTERCITY
___. It’s What’s for Dinner (’90s ad campaign) 4 letters BEEF
NFL stats 3 letters TDS
Foreboding feeling of fear 5 letters DREAD
Tolkien series to fans 4 letters LOTR
Enemy 3 letters FOE
Desert planet of Star Wars 8 letters TATOOINE
Other in Medellin 4 letters OTRA
Southern corn cakes 5 letters PONES
Losing My Religion band 3 letters REM
Child’s question after scarfing down a plate of broccoli 15 letters WHATSFORDESSERT
See 41-Across 3 letters EAR
Lightly lit? 5 letters TIPSY
10 to 1 say 4 letters ODDS
C’mon you can do better! 8 letters STEPITUP
With 36-Across musical ineptitude 3 letters TIN
One of two on the Syrian flag 4 letters STAR
Pleased with oneself 5 letters PROUD
Trans counterpart 3 letters CIS
Snow day construction 4 letters FORT
Hey don’t look at me! 10 letters IMINNOCENT
Drag show tips often 4 letters ONES
Art student’s pouch 10 letters PENCILCASE
Waffler’s response 4 letters IMAY
Maine Senator King 5 letters ANGUS
This in Medellin 4 letters ESTA
___ me in! 3 letters LET
Put to the test in a way 3 letters USE
___ me in! 4 letters DEAL
Highest-status guests 5 letters ALIST
Cautiously fearful 5 letters TIMID
Build up over time 5 letters AMASS
Cleverly skillful 4 letters DEFT
Clear as a plane for winter takeoff 5 letters DEICE
Fictional town at the heart of Pixar’s Cars movies 15 letters RADIATORSPRINGS
Peachy keen 9 letters JUSTDANDY
Absolutely exhausted 9 letters BONETIRED
Hidden geeky side 9 letters INNERNERD
Like many ASL users 4 letters DEAF
Ballet handrail 5 letters BARRE
Happy Meal component 3 letters TOY
Smoking on airplanes nowadays 5 letters TABOO
Second chance of a sort 4 letters REDO
Disappointing Super Bowl result 4 letters LOSS
Lucrative as a contract 3 letters FAT
Casual top 3 letters TEE
Ambulance team: Abbr. 4 letters EMTS
Has an outstanding tab 4 letters OWES
My bad 9 letters THATSONME
Unexpected delight 9 letters RARETREAT
Right-click result often 9 letters POPUPMENU
Noisy commotion 4 letters STIR
In good shape 3 letters FIT
Brooklyn to David Beckham 3 letters SON
I Fall to Pieces singer Cline 5 letters PATSY
African home of the Carthage Film Festival 5 letters TUNIS
Larger-than-life figure 4 letters IDOL
Exactly as planned 5 letters ONCUE
Bring to a halt 5 letters CEASE
Photo app informally 5 letters INSTA
Sweet bargain 5 letters STEAL
Kitchen wrap 4 letters FOIL
Beer such as Dogfish Head’s Notorious H.O.P. 3 letters IPA
Looped in in a way 4 letters CCED

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