Universal Crossword November 18 2023 Answers

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Universal Crossword November 18 2023 Answers:

Your point being? 7 letters OKAYAND
Like a prickly pear or a lionfish 5 letters SPINY
Et voila less formally 8 letters BADABOOM
Like preplanned drama 6 letters STAGED
Soldiers’ spot 8 letters ARMYBASE
Some road markings 6 letters ARROWS
___ tai 3 letters MAI
At the drop of ___ 4 letters AHAT
Throws in modern lingo 5 letters YEETS
___ girl! 4 letters ATTA
Successfully asks someone out 9 letters GETSADATE
Team-building exercise that you want to get out of ASAP? 10 letters ESCAPEROOM
Happy Inside Out character 3 letters JOY
Stylish 6 letters CLASSY
Residence 4 letters HOME
Producers of smoke 5 letters FIRES
Photoshop maker 5 letters ADOBE
Gallery in NYC 4 letters MOMA
Undeserved notoriety 6 letters BADRAP
___ Friday’s 3 letters TGI
Nuts in some baklava recipes 10 letters PISTACHIOS
Like many users of they/them pronouns 9 letters NONBINARY
Button alternative 4 letters SNAP
Send a heyyy text say 5 letters FLIRT
Italian wine region 4 letters ASTI
Good name for a lawyer? 3 letters SUE
Largish garage size 6 letters TWOCAR
Technology-addicted tots in modern lingo 8 letters IPADKIDS
Must 6 letters HAVETO
Comment after a successful attempt 8 letters NAILEDIT
French pancake 5 letters CREPE
Quality of a fox 7 letters SLYNESS
President in 2014’s Tan Suit Gate 5 letters OBAMA
Martial art featured in Cobra Kai 6 letters KARATE
Fesses up to 6 letters ADMITS
I’m so glad! 3 letters YAY
Mamma Mia band 4 letters ABBA
Captain for 40 days and nights 4 letters NOAH
Calculations for an anesthesiologist 7 letters DOSAGES
Broadcast or watch online 6 letters STREAM
Used a peeler on 5 letters PARED
Employment report? 8 letters IGOTAJOB
Huh I didn’t know that 8 letters NEWSTOME
Units equal to three ft. 3 letters YDS
Units slightly longer than three feet 6 letters METERS
Final authority 5 letters SAYSO
Capital of Ghana 5 letters ACCRA
Delivery from Santa 3 letters TOY
Feature of a cyclops 3 letters EYE
Part of IPA 3 letters ALE
Faux ___ 3 letters PAS
Arizona tribe members 5 letters HOPIS
Video game mechanic that obscures unvisited areas 8 letters FOGOFWAR
Smitten person’s declaration 8 letters IMINLOVE
C-section? 3 letters ARC
Lah-di-___! 3 letters DAH
Everest or K2: Abbr. 3 letters MTN
Eagles’ troop grp. 3 letters BSA
Take the ___ (Duke Ellington song) 6 letters ATRAIN
Some places to enjoy me time 7 letters DAYSPAS
Steal as a show? 6 letters PIRATE
Opener 5 letters INTRO
Kind of kick in football 6 letters ONSIDE
Riyadh residents 6 letters SAUDIS
Muscle to flex informally 5 letters BICEP
Fleas ticks and such 5 letters PESTS
Something for a dog to wag 4 letters TAIL
Without purpose 4 letters IDLY
Chemical featured at a dispensary for short 3 letters THC
Ryan’s role in Barbie 3 letters KEN

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