Universal Crossword November 17 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword November 17 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword November 17 2023 Answers:

Designer Giorgio 6 letters ARMANI
Get lost! 4 letters SCAT
Overnight outfit 3 letters PJS
Use for support 6 letters LEANON
___ Bell (Live Mas chain) 4 letters TACO
Actor Stephen 3 letters REA
Driver’s license e.g. 6 letters IDCARD
One saying The sky is falling! 8 letters ALARMIST
*Complainer’s quality 13 letters WHIIIIIIIIISS
Commits perjury 4 letters LIES
Clothing 4 letters GARB
Stir up 4 letters ROIL
Colonial insect 3 letters ANT
___ Perignon 3 letters DOM
Improve as an image 7 letters ENHANCE
Canada birds 5 letters GEESE
Reacts to as a bad pun 8 letters GROANSAT
*Not modern 9 letters OLDFASHID
Toy sold with a foam basketball 8 letters NERFHOOP
90s cardio trend 5 letters TAEBO
Plainly saying 7 letters STATING
Darth Vader’s childhood nickname 3 letters ANI
Habit wearer 3 letters NUN
___ Too Proud (jukebox musical) 4 letters AINT
Worker-protecting grp. 4 letters OSHA
Assuming I’m correct … 4 letters IFSO
*Certain high-intensity exercise session 13 letters CROSSFIIRKOUT
Get out of Dodge 8 letters SKIPTOWN
NFL team in S.F. 6 letters NINERS
Sundar Pichai for Google 3 letters CEO
Name hidden in thesaurus 4 letters ESAU
Righteous dude! … or parsed differently a hint to parts of the starred clues’ answers 6 letters IDIGIT
Addams cousin 3 letters ITT
Olympus Mons’ planet 4 letters MARS
TV commercial’s script e.g. 6 letters ADCOPY
Boxer known as The Greatest 3 letters ALI
Barolo or pinot noir 7 letters REDWINE
Foliage-clearing knife 7 letters MACHETE
Little Birds writer Nin 5 letters ANAIS
Onigiri seaweed 4 letters NORI
Purplish shade 6 letters INDIGO
___Master (cardio brand) 5 letters STAIR
Degrees of excellence 8 letters CALIBERS
Smoothie berry 4 letters ACAI
Crucify singer Amos 4 letters TORI
Alcatraz and others 7 letters PRISONS
Toon who said I’ve loved you more than any woman’s ever loved a rabbit 7 letters JESSICA
Plopped down 3 letters SAT
Name related to suspects’ rights 7 letters MIRANDA
You ready? reply 3 letters IAM
Trail behind 3 letters LAG
Allow 3 letters LET
Indian megacity 5 letters DELHI
Japanese drama 3 letters NOH
Its capital is Port-au-Prince 5 letters HAITI
Convertible’s roof perhaps 7 letters SOFTTOP
Word after age or wage 3 letters GAP
Slip into 3 letters DON
It clouds military strategy 8 letters FOGOFWAR
U.S. intel org. 3 letters NSA
Pass that’s scanned 7 letters ETICKET
Went bananas 7 letters RANRIOT
On a hot streak in slang 7 letters ENFUEGO
Greyhound offering 7 letters BUSTRIP
Musician Yoko 3 letters ONO
Fish found off the coast of Tahiti … or in the word Tahiti 3 letters AHI
Aslan’s land 6 letters NARNIA
Passage that may be congested 5 letters SINUS
Charged in chemistry 5 letters IONIC
Acronym for trig chem etc. 4 letters STEM
Baseball great Sammy 4 letters SOSA
Sue Monk ___ (writer) 4 letters KIDD
The S of 53-Down: Abbr. 3 letters SCI
Hog’s place 3 letters STY

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