Universal Crossword November 15 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword November 15 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword November 15 2023 Answers:

Word before chocolate or matter 4 letters DARK
Give a whap! 4 letters SWAT
Certain Chopin piece 5 letters ETUDE
Superfood berry 4 letters ACAI
Like forever 4 letters EONS
Stared in disbelief 5 letters GAPED
Young child 9 letters LITTLEONE
Cartoon character originally named Dippy Dawg 5 letters GOOFY
Suffix with Gator 3 letters ADE
Bit of land in the ocean 4 letters ISLE
Offerings from Jeni’s or Ben & Jerry’s 5 letters PINTS
President Barbie portrayer 7 letters ISSARAE
Is unwell 4 letters AILS
Garden gnome or plastic flamingo 12 letters LAWNORNAMENT
Drift as a scent 4 letters WAFT
Glowing gas 4 letters NEON
Ninja Turtle with a blue bandanna for short 3 letters LEO
Log splitter: Var. 3 letters AXE
Skill that’s rare these days … or parsed differently a hint to 17- 27- 45- and 61-Across 7 letters LOSTART
Gray Catan resource 3 letters ORE
___ Be There for You (song) 3 letters ILL
Tell Mama singer James 4 letters ETTA
Draws to a close 4 letters ENDS
Tool similar to a paper knife 12 letters LETTEROPENER
Penciled facial feature 4 letters BROW
Please locate the ___ exit 7 letters NEAREST
Asian capital in the Red River Delta 5 letters HANOI
Tiny complaints 4 letters NITS
Chinese bun 3 letters BAO
Lacking company 5 letters ALONE
Time for bed! 9 letters LIGHTSOUT
Just adores 5 letters LOVES
Pinnacle 4 letters ACME
Part of YOLO 4 letters ONCE
Celebratory meal 5 letters FEAST
Grizzly animal 4 letters BEAR
Tournament exemptions 4 letters BYES
___ Lama 5 letters DALAI
Orange juice and soda chemically 5 letters ACIDS
Gives a PG-13 to say 5 letters RATES
DIY set 3 letters KIT
Playground plank 6 letters SEESAW
Like some sweaters 6 letters WOOLEN
Diarist Frank 4 letters ANNE
Mao ___-tung 3 letters TSE
Moussaka ingredient 8 letters EGGPLANT
Philosophy of the Way 6 letters TAOISM
Savvy about 4 letters UPON
Nimble 4 letters DEFT
Ice cream brand 4 letters EDYS
Turkish currency 4 letters LIRA
___ text (image description that a screen reader might read) 3 letters ALT
198120 square miles for Thailand 4 letters AREA
Are you ___ out? 4 letters INOR
Ready to pour 5 letters ONTAP
College in Barcelona? 4 letters ELON
Stereotypical D&D fan 4 letters NERD
Digits in sneakers 4 letters TOES
Bawl 4 letters WAIL
Wheelbarrow bar 4 letters AXLE
___-tip pen 4 letters FELT
Most wary 8 letters LEERIEST
Other in Spain 4 letters OTRO
Put away 4 letters STOW
Write missteak say 3 letters ERR
Certain small steaks 6 letters TBONES
Total head-scratcher 6 letters ENIGMA
Lead-in to lands or world 6 letters NETHER
Ann Arbor-to-Detroit direction 4 letters EAST
Black piano key material 5 letters EBONY
Ponzu or pesto 5 letters SAUCE
Like absolutely! 5 letters TOTES
Four for eight 4 letters HALF
___ vera (plant with edible gel) 4 letters ALOE
Briefly bright star 4 letters NOVA
That’s great! 4 letters NICE
Place with test tubes 3 letters LAB
Bawl 3 letters SOB

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