Universal Crossword November 14 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword November 14 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword November 14 2023 Answers:

Gallic gal pal 4 letters AMIE
(Hey you!) 4 letters PSST
Toward Antarctica 5 letters SOUTH
Dalai ___ 4 letters LAMA
Here comes trouble … 4 letters UHOH
Pulsate 5 letters THROB
My bad! 4 letters OOPS
Sammy who hit 609 home runs 4 letters SOSA
Augment 5 letters ADDTO
Basketball court marking in Britain? 14 letters FREETHROWQUEUE
Muscle spasm 3 letters TIC
No longer fashionable 3 letters OUT
A as in Argentina? 3 letters UNA
Laptop component in Britain? 13 letters COMPUTERCRISP
Windy City airport 5 letters OHARE
State with the highest concentration of Mormons 4 letters UTAH
Formerly known as 3 letters NEE
Movie whose sequel is subtitled Pig in the City 4 letters BABE
___ of Troy 5 letters HELEN
A good one is bright 4 letters IDEA
Not just online: Abbr. 3 letters IRL
Poles for a rowing team 4 letters OARS
Smell like a skunk 5 letters STINK
Typo catchers in Britain? 13 letters SPELLDRAUGHTS
Praiseful poem 3 letters ODE
Regret 3 letters RUE
One fuel for a hybrid 3 letters GAS
Online activity tracker in Britain? 14 letters BROWSERBISCUIT
State animal of Maine 5 letters MOOSE
What graphite replaced in pencils 4 letters LEAD
Prom night vehicle 4 letters LIMO
Gives five stars say 5 letters RATES
Bowling alley division 4 letters LANE
By yesterday! 4 letters ASAP
It’s inserted into an artery 5 letters STENT
Brews that may be pale 4 letters ALES
Baseball team with a skyline in its logo 4 letters METS
Flying high 5 letters ALOFT
Native New Zealander 5 letters MAORI
Flawless 10 letters IMPECCABLE
Lack of obstacles 4 letters EASE
One of the 20 in Drop down and give me 20! 6 letters PUSHUP
Buzzing sound? 6 letters SHORTU
Not great but not terrible 4 letters SOSO
Defrost 4 letters THAW
Fiercely loyal 7 letters STAUNCH
Goodness gracious! 6 letters OHDEAR
Pakistani language 4 letters URDU
Bag one may get for subscribing to a magazine 4 letters TOTE
The White Lotus channel 3 letters HBO
Big book 4 letters TOME
Sunni or Shiite’s holy book 5 letters QURAN
It’s all mined 3 letters ORE
Oklahoma’s second-largest city 5 letters TULSA
Summer in French 3 letters ETE
Masked or costumed 10 letters INDISGUISE
I’ve ___ better 4 letters SEEN
Maximum 4 letters PEAK
Sapporo sashes 4 letters OBIS
Instrument to pluck 4 letters HARP
King of the underworld 5 letters HADES
Make a blunder 3 letters ERR
The Addams Family cousin 3 letters ITT
American frontier 7 letters OLDWEST
___ the Man (2006 rom-com) 4 letters SHES
Give some slack 6 letters LOOSEN
Cosmopolitan 6 letters URBANE
Shows the way 6 letters GUIDES
Point toward 5 letters AIMAT
Pull out all the ___ 5 letters STOPS
Kayak or catamaran 4 letters BOAT
Repetitive learning method 4 letters ROTE
Name that can be parsed as the the in Spanish 4 letters ELLA
Not imaginary 4 letters REAL
Quahog for one 4 letters CLAM
The Marvelous ___ Maisel 3 letters MRS

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