Universal Crossword November 13 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword November 13 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword November 13 2023 Answers:

Word before salt or weed 3 letters SEA
Down in the dumps 3 letters SAD
Anticipates 6 letters AWAITS
___ up (energize) 3 letters AMP
Prefix meaning all 4 letters OMNI
Style of communication 6 letters VERBAL
Dad 3 letters POP
*Critical decision point 11 letters DOORDIETIME
Train track component 4 letters RAIL
Durable wood 4 letters TEAK
Close like a jacket 3 letters ZIP
*Person prepping for the end 10 letters DOOMSDAYER
Grain in milkshakes or Scotch 4 letters MALT
Gives a +1 online 7 letters UPVOTES
Blood bank classification 4 letters TYPE
Busy bug 3 letters BEE
Bridal lehenga color 3 letters RED
American ___ (Massachusetts’ state tree) 3 letters ELM
*Work that is often underpaid undervalued and performed by women 13 letters DOMESTICLABOR
30 Rock creator Tina 3 letters FEY
Soup with rice noodles 3 letters PHO
Phone no. 3 letters TEL
Rip 4 letters TEAR
Stuck idiomatically 7 letters INABIND
Travel document 4 letters VISA
*Club’s main attraction perhaps 10 letters DANCEFLOOR
Medium power?: Abbr. 3 letters ESP
Prefix meaning one 4 letters MONO
Leave in awe 4 letters STUN
*Space-efficient divider between rooms … or a hint to the word at the edges of the starred clues’ answers 11 letters SLIDINGDOOR
___ a small world 3 letters ITS
Pressed sandwich 6 letters PANINI
___ mater 4 letters ALMA
Snooze 3 letters NAP
You may make them after messing up 6 letters AMENDS
Golf prop 3 letters TEE
University stat 3 letters GPA
Maple syrup source 3 letters SAP
Genre inspired by punk 3 letters EMO
Feel favorably about 9 letters APPROVEOF
Burns slowly 8 letters SMOLDERS
Year in 10-Down 3 letters ANO
Like a chai latte with espresso 5 letters DIRTY
Big bird enclosure 6 letters AVIARY
Seven days 4 letters WEEK
Paintings and sculptures 3 letters ART
Spanish island known for nightlife 5 letters IBIZA
South Indian language 5 letters TAMIL
Took a 67-Across 5 letters SLEPT
Writer of celebratory poems 5 letters ODIST
Bug repellent 4 letters DEET
Te ___ (Spanish for I love you) 3 letters AMO
English voice-over for an anime for example 3 letters DUB
Newspaper piece with perspective 4 letters OPED
For ___ price 4 letters ASET
I Want You Back Spice Girl 4 letters MELB
Green legume 3 letters PEA
Salsa or hummus 3 letters DIP
Gesturing 9 letters MOTIONING
Like a movie about moviemaking 4 letters META
Needle hole 3 letters EYE
Fashionable 4 letters CHIC
Homesick perhaps 8 letters LONESOME
Nevada tourist spot 4 letters RENO
Cross-country romance for example: Abbr. 3 letters LDR
Greek god of beauty 6 letters ADONIS
Resonated 4 letters RANG
SAG-___ 5 letters AFTRA
___-ray 3 letters BLU
Italian scooter brand 5 letters VESPA
Religion with the Five Pillars 5 letters ISLAM
Backbone 5 letters SPINE
Silently acknowledge 5 letters NODAT
___-body connection 4 letters MIND
Clatter 3 letters DIN
Futbol chant 3 letters OLE
Faucet 3 letters TAP
Facial site 3 letters SPA

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