Universal Crossword November 12 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword November 12 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword November 12 2023 Answers:

Fedoras berets etc. 4 letters HATS
Word after price or phone 3 letters TAG
Tennis great Arthur 4 letters ASHE
Oh crud! 4 letters DRAT
Argue against 5 letters REBUT
Unaccounted for in military lingo 4 letters AWOL
Stay tuned! 10 letters MORETOCOME
Volleyball game subdivisions 4 letters SETS
We all make mistakes OK?! 11 letters IMONLYHUMAN
Org. that regulates pesticides 3 letters EPA
Palindromic flour used to make naan 4 letters ATTA
Pigs’ home 3 letters STY
This in Spanish 4 letters ESTO
Bro or sis 3 letters SIB
Latte art pro 7 letters BARISTA
ID whose first three numbers cannot be 666 3 letters SSN
Single guy’s home 11 letters BACHELORPAD
Dog’s sound 4 letters WOOF
Scheming group 5 letters CABAL
Greek I 4 letters IOTA
Yes! Thanks for thinking of me! 11 letters IDBEHONORED
Male turkey 3 letters TOM
Decorative wreath 7 letters GARLAND
Dog’s sound 3 letters YIP
The writing is on the ___ 4 letters WALL
Uh-huh 3 letters YEP
Fix as a broken heart 4 letters MEND
Singer-songwriter Ella 3 letters MAI
Sport whose balls are used for beer pong 11 letters TABLETENNIS
Volcano in Sicily 4 letters ETNA
Lost it in public 10 letters MADEASCENE
Casual tops 4 letters TEES
Gets ready informally 5 letters PREPS
Notion 4 letters IDEA
Sets an alarm for 7 p.m. instead of 7 a.m. say 4 letters ERRS
r u ___? (rly?) 3 letters SRS
Put on the housing market 4 letters LIST
TV cable letters 4 letters HDMI
Smell of fresh banana bread e.g. 5 letters AROMA
Deck with Minor Arcana 5 letters TAROT
Artery openers 6 letters STENTS
Nail ___ (salon workers informally) 5 letters TECHS
I don’t know ___ you but I’m feeling 22 (Taylor Swift lyric) 5 letters ABOUT
Chewy treat shaped like an animal 9 letters GUMMYBEAR
Batteries for a Wii Remote 3 letters AAS
Optimal thing to hit 9 letters SWEETSPOT
Children’s game with fast-paced tossing 9 letters HOTPOTATO
Disney queen who ruled Arendelle 4 letters ELSA
Succession family name 3 letters ROY
Afternoon brew 3 letters TEA
Congresswoman Rashida 5 letters TLAIB
Infamous Roman emperor 4 letters NERO
Assistant that might read your iMessages 4 letters SIRI
Savory donut topping 5 letters BACON
Strike zone? 5 letters ALLEY
Singer Levine 4 letters ADAM
Big gulp 4 letters SWIG
Sparkling mixer 9 letters SODAWATER
Resolution made with resolution 9 letters NOBRAINER
100 Grand and PayDay 9 letters CANDYBARS
Succession channel 3 letters HBO
Tumbled 4 letters FELL
Stop suddenly 4 letters HALT
They’re twice as valuable as nickels 5 letters DIMES
Lead writer? 6 letters PENCIL
Wise community member 5 letters ELDER
Takes a furtive look 5 letters PEEPS
Author Okorafor 5 letters NNEDI
Wines and ___ 5 letters DINES
Dole (out) 4 letters METE
Electric guitar accessory 3 letters AMP
Instructors who are often grad students 3 letters TAS
Is this ___ taken? 4 letters SEAT
Stubborn animal 3 letters ASS

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