Universal Crossword November 10 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword November 10 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword November 10 2023 Answers:

Pancake syrup flavor 5 letters MAPLE
Unfriendly mutt 3 letters CUR
In the style of on menus 3 letters ALA
Parcel out 5 letters ALLOT
Word after Bay or gray 4 letters AREA
Ad ___ committee 3 letters HOC
Ruler e.g. 14 letters MEASURINGSTICK
Followed as a tip 7 letters ACTEDON
Rugged four-wheeler briefly 3 letters ATV
Muscles above the beltline 3 letters ABS
Worry 4 letters FRET
Doritos company 8 letters FRITOLAY
August 1 births astrologically 4 letters LEOS
Ancient 3 letters OLD
The ___ (Discovery series about camper owners) 5 letters RVERS
Signal strength measure 3 letters BAR
Chauffeur-driven sedan 4 letters LIMO
Squeezing snake 3 letters BOA
Springboard 15 letters JUMPINGOFFPLACE
Jeopardy! Masters network 3 letters ABC
Overflowing (with) 4 letters RIFE
Hunk of a trunk 3 letters LOG
Bone of contention 5 letters ISSUE
Spare ___ (piece of barbecue) 3 letters RIB
No easy task 4 letters SLOG
Repertoire on a resume 8 letters SKILLSET
One gets hammered 4 letters NAIL
Song that everyone’s singing 3 letters HIT
Female sheep 3 letters EWE
Army enlistee 7 letters SOLDIER
In other words … or a hint to the ends of 16- 24- 34- and 48-Across 14 letters PUTDIFFERENTLY
Gibbon or gorilla 3 letters APE
A ___ technicality! 4 letters MERE
Find a new function for 5 letters REUSE
It ends on the first Sunday of Nov. 3 letters DST
Angler’s apparatus 3 letters ROD
Works at a keyboard 5 letters TYPES
Cry from a doll 4 letters MAMA
Original Bon Jovi bassist ___ John Such 4 letters ALEC
Party line 8 letters PLATFORM
They never win 6 letters LOSERS
Piano practice piece 5 letters ETUDE
Abel’s slayer 4 letters CAIN
Ornamental vase 3 letters URN
Take into consideration 6 letters REGARD
Bigeye tuna 3 letters AHI
Site 6 letters LOCALE
Star Wars admiral who says It’s a trap! 6 letters ACKBAR
Italian wine mecca 4 letters ASTI
Wood deck concern 3 letters ROT
Cliche on shows 7 letters TVTROPE
Part of CBS: Abbr. 3 letters SYS
Hit the gas! 7 letters FLOORIT
This shape: 0 4 letters OVAL
Pres. sworn in aboard Air Force One 3 letters LBJ
Water en francais 3 letters EAU
Gasp in a text 3 letters OMG
Defamed in writing 7 letters LIBELED
Business magazine 3 letters INC
One to share deep secrets with informally 3 letters BFF
Harlem Renaissance figure Robeson 4 letters PAUL
Unimportant lie 3 letters FIB
Like Times Square at night 8 letters ALLLITUP
Whisper affectionately 3 letters COO
It has a yolk 3 letters EGG
Kinda 3 letters ISH
YouTube button for the impatient 6 letters SKIPAD
Core exercises 6 letters SITUPS
Marijuana cigarette 6 letters REEFER
Poitier who was the first Black man to win an Oscar 6 letters SIDNEY
Skinny-dip say 4 letters SWIM
Neither rhyme ___ reason 3 letters NOR
Notify 5 letters ALERT
Ranked competitor 4 letters SEED
You and who ___? 4 letters ELSE
Certain whiskeys 4 letters RYES
Vietnamese New Year 3 letters TET
To’s counterpart 3 letters FRO

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