Universal Crossword May 9 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 9 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 9 2024 Answers:

Nearly boil as milk 5 letters SCALD
Secretly includes on an email 4 letters BCCS
Places for self-care 4 letters SPAS
Video’s counterpart 5 letters AUDIO
Bring home the bacon 4 letters EARN
Apt rhyme for bake 4 letters CAKE
*Gilpin of Frasier 10 letters GRAVEPERIL
Battery fluid 4 letters ACID
Common street name 3 letters ELM
Let It Be and Let It Go 5 letters SONGS
Water filter brand 5 letters BRITA
Wonderment 3 letters AWE
*Tennis’s Nadal familiarly 8 letters OPERAFAN
Like the highest court 7 letters SUPREME
Sir this is an ___ (punch line for a fast-food meme) 5 letters ARBYS
How some sardines are packed 5 letters INOIL
Avocado dip for short 4 letters GUAC
Moderate … or where to find every starred clue’s answer? 15 letters MIDDLEOFTHEROAD
Part of a molecule 4 letters ATOM
Back tooth 5 letters MOLAR
Less wild 5 letters TAMER
Winter wish for many kids 7 letters SNOWDAY
*Lily variety 8 letters LOCALLAW
Six-pack muscles 3 letters ABS
Air freshener targets 5 letters ODORS
White on Wheel of Fortune 5 letters VANNA
Mouse’s larger relative 3 letters RAT
Draped dress 4 letters SARI
*Wall-mounted light fixture 10 letters DISCONCERT
Sicilian smoke ring puffer 4 letters ETNA
Forearm bone 4 letters ULNA
Parton who said It’s hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world 5 letters DOLLY
Meeting informally 4 letters SESH
Spreadsheet contents 4 letters DATA
Comedian’s seat 5 letters STOOL
Wise 4 letters SAGE
Dumbbell exercise 4 letters CURL
Ferrari Driver? 4 letters ADAM
Actress Tyler 3 letters LIV
Is successful 8 letters DOESWELL
Never ___ better 4 letters BEEN
Ship’s goods 5 letters CARGO
Like new dollar bills 5 letters CRISP
NBC sketch show briefly 3 letters SNL
Sacred beetle of ancient Egypt 6 letters SCARAB
Appease 6 letters PACIFY
Japanese dogs 6 letters AKITAS
Car type 5 letters SEDAN
Ode for one 4 letters POEM
It’s freezing! 3 letters BRR
Parched 4 letters ARID
Apiece 4 letters EACH
Kind of card in a phone 3 letters SIM
College to an Aussie 3 letters UNI
___ Save America (downloadable political show) 3 letters POD
Showbiz grand slam 4 letters EGOT
Sci-fi saucer 3 letters UFO
Cash dispensers 4 letters ATMS
Downton Abbey title 4 letters EARL
Paramore and Fall Out Boy 8 letters EMOBANDS
Spreadsheet lines 4 letters ROWS
Grow ___ along with me! The best is yet to be (Robert Browning) 3 letters OLD
Small battery 3 letters AAA
Parched 3 letters DRY
So far 6 letters TODATE
Squirrel’s stash 6 letters ACORNS
Pop star Carey 6 letters MARIAH
Chicago trains 3 letters ELS
Prefix with second 4 letters NANO
Comes in last 5 letters LOSES
Hometown of St. Teresa 5 letters AVILA
That ___ so bad 5 letters WASNT
Final Four org. 4 letters NCAA
Change addresses to a Realtor 4 letters RELO
Singer Guthrie 4 letters ARLO
Texter’s signoff 4 letters TTYL
Total flop 3 letters DUD
Portable bed 3 letters COT

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