Universal Crossword May 7 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 7 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 7 2024 Answers:

Track events 5 letters MEETS
___ cup (Starbucks order for a dog) 3 letters PUP
Mini-___ (small store) 4 letters MART
Be of help 5 letters AVAIL
Experiment 4 letters TEST
Award similar to a Tony 4 letters OBIE
Floral-scented brew 10 letters JASMINETEA
Travel document 4 letters VISA
To a … poem 3 letters ODE
Cat sound 4 letters PURR
Capitol Hill staffers 5 letters AIDES
Ohio MLB team 4 letters REDS
Soft French wheel 10 letters BRIECHEESE
Spanish for house 4 letters CASA
Baby ___ (fashion label relaunched by Kimora Lee Simmons) 4 letters PHAT
Pong creator 5 letters ATARI
___ de la Madre (Mother’s Day in Spanish) 3 letters DIA
Part of a key chain? 4 letters ISLE
Crisp herb-infused wafer 15 letters ROSEMARYCRACKER
Use a keyboard 4 letters TYPE
Stage prompt 3 letters CUE
Slides on an icy road 5 letters SKIDS
Russian no 4 letters NYET
Climb Camelback Mountain say 4 letters HIKE
Sweet cookie with a bit of spice 10 letters GINGERSNAP
The thing here 4 letters THIS
Strong smells 5 letters ODORS
Moisturizer brand 4 letters OLAY
E.T.’s vehicle 3 letters UFO
The Silence of the Lambs bean 4 letters FAVA
Trendy snack-based meal … or what 16- 24- 38- and 49-Across might aptly constitute 10 letters GIRLDINNER
Moby-Dick captain 4 letters AHAB
Sleeve fillers 4 letters ARMS
___ Face (Lady Gaga song) 5 letters POKER
I’m Coming Out singer Diana 4 letters ROSS
Step on it! 3 letters GAS
rly? 5 letters SRSLY
English or computer science 5 letters MAJOR
Dodge as a green shell in Mario Kart 5 letters EVADE
Made less challenging 5 letters EASED
Actor Meadows 3 letters TIM
Minor mistake 4 letters SLIP
Kind of dish in a biology lab 5 letters PETRI
___ your imagination! 3 letters USE
School org. 3 letters PTA
Fandango purchase 11 letters MOVIETICKET
Tolerate 5 letters ABIDE
The Wind ___ (Studio Ghibli film about an aviation engineer) 5 letters RISES
Back-comb 5 letters TEASE
Earth in Latin 5 letters TERRA
Pencil remnants 4 letters NUBS
Oh I figured it out! 3 letters AHA
Pictures of texts say 11 letters SCREENGRABS
Totally awesome 4 letters EPIC
Burn slightly 4 letters CHAR
Goal 3 letters AIM
Sculptures and such 3 letters ART
Tamagotchi or Slinky 3 letters TOY
Egyptian snake 3 letters ASP
Manic Panic hair product 3 letters DYE
Word after sit or Jet 3 letters SKI
Chaired 3 letters LED
Triage sites: Abbr. 3 letters ERS
Laptop brand 4 letters ACER
Boring routines 4 letters RUTS
Pose a question 3 letters ASK
20 Questions answer possibly 3 letters YES
Passageways 5 letters HALLS
Apple device you may draw on 4 letters IPAD
Hit the big time 5 letters GOFAR
Neighbor of Utah 5 letters IDAHO
Bright stars 5 letters NOVAS
They have many followers 5 letters NORMS
Slabs 5 letters HUNKS
In my opinion … 5 letters IFEEL
Oops my fault! 5 letters SORRY
Barks sharply 4 letters YIPS
Prank 3 letters GAG
Roth ___ 3 letters IRA
Partner of neither 3 letters NOR

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