Universal Crossword May 5 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 5 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 5 2024 Answers:

Things worn by babies and marathoners 4 letters BIBS
Astounds 4 letters AWES
Pet part that leaves a print 3 letters PAW
Perform excellently for the audience 10 letters PUTONASHOW
Wish You ___ Here (Pink Floyd song) 4 letters WERE
Makeup of many awkward moments 15 letters ABSOLUTESILENCE
Magic’s org. in two senses 3 letters NBA
Austrian article 3 letters DER
King known for his magic touch 5 letters MIDAS
September birthstone 8 letters SAPPHIRE
Class for some aspiring bilinguals briefly 3 letters ESL
Rage 3 letters IRE
Socialist leader Eugene 4 letters DEBS
Not yet certain: Abbr. 3 letters TBD
Oh by the way … 15 letters IMEANTTOTELLYOU
Breakaway group 4 letters SECT
People are saying … 5 letters IHEAR
Norwegian capital 4 letters OSLO
Up times? 15 letters SLEEPLESSNIGHTS
Kerfuffle 3 letters ADO
Starting half? 4 letters HEMI
2016 Olympics locale 3 letters RIO
Org. that oversees meds 3 letters FDA
Paid close attention 8 letters TOOKNOTE
PayPal money e.g. 5 letters ECASH
i’m waiting for ur text 3 letters HMU
Arab beverage of hospitality 3 letters TEA
Inquiries based on unjustified assumptions 15 letters LOADEDQUESTIONS
Tattoo parlor supplies 4 letters INKS
Disintegrate 10 letters TURNTODUST
Play for a fool 3 letters USE
Dogs’ docs 4 letters VETS
Tiny speck 4 letters MOTE
Forrest Gump’s shrimp-loving friend 5 letters BUBBA
No problem for me 15 letters ITSAPIECEOFCAKE
Ghost in Mario Bros. games or a ghost’s sound 3 letters BOO
NBC program shot in Studio 8H for short 3 letters SNL
Perennial bloom 5 letters ASTER
Physical therapist’s inquiry about an injury 15 letters WHEREDOESITHURT
Aurora to Greeks 3 letters EOS
Complete the first leg of an aquathlon 4 letters SWIM
Nail-biting ending to a World Cup final 15 letters PENALTYSHOOTOUT
Curving trajectories 4 letters ARCS
Quite small 3 letters WEE
Paellera and wok for two 4 letters PANS
Maker of the A4 A5 and A6 cars 4 letters AUDI
Marries 4 letters WEDS
The Sound of Music girl whose name anagrams to Ellis 5 letters LIESL
Talk nonsense 5 letters PRATE
Mother clucker 3 letters HEN
GPS guesses 4 letters ETAS
Swiss capital 4 letters BERN
Really take off 4 letters BOLT
Ice dancing teams 4 letters DUOS
Barbie actress Rae 4 letters ISSA
Combine 4 letters MELD
Bejeweled game piece 4 letters TILE
Those people 4 letters THEM
Gain online access 5 letters LOGIN
It’s not a ___ Mom! 5 letters PHASE
Really tick off 3 letters IRK
Cam and Mitch to Lily in Modern Family 4 letters DADS
Signs of what’s to come 5 letters OMENS
Depose 4 letters OUST
Past present or future 5 letters TENSE
Middle ___ (where Qatar is) 4 letters EAST
Ages and ages 4 letters EONS
Set with a sharp image 4 letters HDTV
Actress Lucy of Kill Bill 3 letters LIU
___ hora es? 3 letters QUE
Male turkey 3 letters TOM
Likely response to Who wants pizza? 3 letters IDO

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