Universal Crossword May 4 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 4 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 4 2024 Answers:

Perfume ingredient 4 letters MUSK
Wish protagonist whose name is hidden in sea shanty 4 letters ASHA
Throw lightly 4 letters TOSS
Lingering pleasant feeling 9 letters AFTERGLOW
Five dozen 5 letters SIXTY
Yas queen! 9 letters YOUGOGIRL
See 23-Across 5 letters LATIN
123-45-6789 isn’t one: Abbr. 3 letters SSN
Sojourner Truth’s ___ I a Woman? 4 letters AINT
Ear-y? 5 letters AURAL
Route to the Old West 11 letters OREGONTRAIL
Ad ___ (To the stars in 17-Across) 5 letters ASTRA
Nosy person 5 letters SNOOP
Lead-in to Kim Jon or Wayne 3 letters LIL
Kilt folds 6 letters PLEATS
Coop dweller 3 letters HEN
Indian title from Sanskrit 3 letters SRI
Pare as a pear 4 letters PEEL
Soulful British pop star 5 letters ADELE
Connect 4 letters JOIN
Novelist Deighton 3 letters LEN
Journalist ___ B. Wells 3 letters IDA
Marital partner 6 letters SPOUSE
Mini-albums for short 3 letters EPS
One may be set for 8 a.m. 5 letters ALARM
Colorado ski town 5 letters ASPEN
Vague supernatural tingly intuition 11 letters SPIDEYSENSE
Fuming 5 letters LIVID
Greek war god 4 letters ARES
Special brownie ingredient briefly 3 letters POT
Super ___ Bros. 5 letters MARIO
She plays the quiz lady in Quiz Lady 9 letters AWKWAFINA
Pigpens 5 letters STIES
Meeting in the middle? 9 letters CHESTBUMP
Obtains 4 letters GETS
Word before buckets or cow 4 letters HOLY
Now it’s clear 4 letters ISEE
No. 24 who was a 24-time MLB All-Star 4 letters MAYS
Space force transports? 4 letters UFOS
Shock 4 letters STUN
Barrel with a tap 3 letters KEG
Texas A&M athlete 5 letters AGGIE
Arm rests? 6 letters SLINGS
Dr. Seuss book with the line A person’s a person no matter how small 15 letters HORTONHEARSAWHO
Leather punch 3 letters AWL
Princess topper 5 letters TIARA
Beefy bowlful 10 letters OXTAILSOUP
Maya Angelou poem of hope and resilience 10 letters STILLIRISE
Brief for short: Abbr. 3 letters SYN
Give a vocal warning as a lion 6 letters ROARAT
Noisily drink 5 letters SLURP
Makes amends 6 letters ATONES
Mouthy? 4 letters ORAL
French for Christmas 4 letters NOEL
Classic American pie type 5 letters APPLE
Catches up on Z’s perhaps 10 letters SLEEPSLATE
Kurt smells like ___ (bit of graffiti that inspired a Nirvana hit) 10 letters TEENSPIRIT
Summer fabric 5 letters LINEN
Explored the Great Lakes say 6 letters SAILED
Turning point of WWII 4 letters DDAY
San ___ (city in Silicon Valley) 4 letters JOSE
Former Volkswagen sedan 6 letters PASSAT
Hasta luego 5 letters ADIOS
Germany’s first female chancellor 6 letters MERKEL
Cornell and Yale e.g. 5 letters IVIES
Full of gossip 5 letters NEWSY
Pope with an apt-sounding name 4 letters PIUS
I’ll buy this round! 4 letters ONME
Wrapping paper sticker? 4 letters TAPE
Umami enhancement letters 3 letters MSG
German’s Oh! 3 letters ACH
Org. concerned with domestic threats 3 letters FBI

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