Universal Crossword May 30 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 30 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 30 2024 Answers:

Capital of Latvia 4 letters RIGA
Singer Parks or Guthrie 4 letters ARLO
Name hidden in solar system 4 letters LARS
Personal hero 4 letters IDOL
Solar panel locale often 4 letters ROOF
___ jar 5 letters MASON
*Championship boxing match (In this clue’s answer see letters 1-6) 9 letters BELTITOUT
Come next 5 letters ENSUE
Pathetic groups 7 letters SADLOTS
When things wrap up 7 letters ENDDATE
Nickname for Letitia 4 letters TISH
*Killer whale e.g. (… letters 1-5) 8 letters ONSIMMER
Meal plan 4 letters DIET
Wash. neighbor 3 letters IDA
Obama health law: Abbr. 3 letters ACA
Imitate 3 letters APE
Sneaks a look 5 letters PEEKS
In unison 5 letters ASONE
*Sneaky trick that you pull (… letters 1-6) 7 letters NOTSAFE
*Vessel for making goulash (… letters 1-4) 7 letters WETSPOT
Very pale 5 letters ASHEN
Make more youthful via CGI 5 letters DEAGE
Many many years 3 letters EON
Gridiron org. rebooted in 2020 3 letters XFL
Director Lee 3 letters ANG
Sister of Elsa in Frozen 4 letters ANNA
*They just want to see how we’ll react (… letters 1-5) 8 letters TASTIEST
Nickname for a muscly mythical hero 4 letters HERC
Province that borders four Great Lakes 7 letters ONTARIO
Some public transit diagrams 7 letters BUSMAPS
Visibly amazed 5 letters AGAPE
Gymnasts’ heels-over-head maneuver … and a hint for making sense of the starred clues’ answers 9 letters FRONTFLIP
Fathered 5 letters SIRED
Father’s sister maybe 4 letters AUNT
Beauty store chain 4 letters ULTA
Golf props 4 letters TEES
Govt. rules 4 letters REGS
Exam for an aspiring atty. 4 letters LSAT
Some chest bones 4 letters RIBS
Notion 4 letters IDEA
Shiny dental prosthetics 9 letters GOLDTEETH
Genre for much online writing informally 6 letters ALTLIT
Picture taker? 8 letters ARTTHIEF
Outback hoppers 4 letters ROOS
Mambo No. 5 singer Bega 3 letters LOU
Frequently 5 letters OFTEN
Pangaea once 8 letters LANDMASS
Indian tea region 5 letters ASSAM
Planned path 5 letters ROUTE
Nasty look 5 letters SNEER
Treat with drugs 8 letters MEDICATE
Apple’s mobile platform 3 letters IOS
Surveillance org. 3 letters NSA
Mighty tree 3 letters OAK
CNN anchor Bash 4 letters DANA
Wall St. debuts 4 letters IPOS
A good ___ is its own reward 4 letters DEED
Heated like oolong tea leaves 8 letters PANFIRED
Graceful bird 4 letters SWAN
Auditions for anyone interested 9 letters OPENCALLS
Midday 4 letters NOON
Sicily’s tallest peak 4 letters ETNA
Potentially scandalous videos 8 letters SEXTAPES
Some Easter festivities 8 letters EGGHUNTS
Have a bagel maybe 3 letters EAT
Flowery necklace 3 letters LEI
Big baby say 6 letters ARMFUL
Lift one’s spirits? 5 letters TOAST
The Hate U Give author Thomas 5 letters ANGIE
Gaze 5 letters STARE
As yet 5 letters SOFAR
Winter hrs. in Maine 3 letters EST
Smoke shop purchase 4 letters BONG
Bread served with hummus 4 letters PITA
Tiff 4 letters SPAT
I ___ the day … 3 letters RUE

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