Universal Crossword May 3 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 3 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 3 2024 Answers:

Kermit’s greeting 4 letters HIHO
Political TV channel 5 letters CSPAN
Important IDs 4 letters SSNS
Unpleasant aroma 4 letters ODOR
___ acid (protein part) 5 letters AMINO
Small particle 4 letters ATOM
With 4-Down British singer of Poison 4 letters RITA
Skating venues 5 letters RINKS
___ log (holiday cake) 4 letters YULE
Homer’s utterance 3 letters DOH
*Brewery offerings 7 letters TATTLES
Aunt in Mexico 3 letters TIA
Symbol such as Thinking Face 5 letters EMOJI
Garden tool 3 letters HOE
It flows in a fountain 5 letters WATER
Packs (down) 5 letters TAMPS
Bro for brother 5 letters SLANG
Longtime PBS NewsHour anchor Jim 6 letters LEHRER
Partake (in) 6 letters ENGAGE
___ Jima (WWII battle site) 3 letters IWO
Bench warmer? 7 letters SEATPAD
D&D e.g. 3 letters RPG
Soft flower part 5 letters PETAL
Cinque + uno 3 letters SEI
Feature of many a dog collar 5 letters IDTAG
Go get ’em! 9 letters LOOKALIVE
*Handles with skill 11 letters FITNESSTEST
Experimentation site 3 letters LAB
Perfect places 5 letters EDENS
Candy that is dispensed 3 letters PEZ
Islamic religious text 5 letters QURAN
Nemesis 3 letters FOE
Desert lifeline 5 letters OASIS
Deer of film 5 letters BAMBI
O Canada! ___ home and native land! 3 letters OUR
Winnie-the-Pooh author 5 letters MILNE
Lazy ___ (kitchen cabinet feature) 5 letters SUSAN
They protect 58-Down 3 letters RTS
Elegance 5 letters GRACE
Large crowd 5 letters HORDE
Once in a blue moon for one 5 letters IDIOM
*Santa’s hearty declaration 9 letters HOTHOTHOT
See 17-Across 3 letters ORA
Roman sweetheart 4 letters CARA
Professional forgers? 6 letters SMITHS
Bean type used in chili 5 letters PINTO
Joints broken by a good deke in hockey 6 letters ANKLES
Rudolph’s red feature 4 letters NOSE
Declare 3 letters SAY
*It may sweeten the pot 9 letters STUTTGART
It’s the truth I swear! 5 letters NOLIE
Dirty kind of campaign 5 letters SMEAR
Window in a schedule 8 letters TIMESLOT
Smooth entry to a pool 8 letters SWANDIVE
Baby food container 3 letters JAR
___ Lee (Taiwanese filmmaker) 3 letters ANG
Opposite of post- 3 letters PRE
Grazing ground 3 letters LEA
Back talk 3 letters LIP
Farm mother 3 letters EWE
3.0 maybe for a B student 3 letters GPA
Item that a prankster throws 3 letters EGG
Requested 8 letters ASKEDFOR
Disentangle … or a phonetic hint to interpreting the starred clues’ answers 8 letters TEASEOUT
Some light brews 8 letters PILSNERS
E-commerce giant 7 letters ALIBABA
Hopeless feeling 7 letters DESPAIR
Number of stars in our solar system 3 letters ONE
___ not your fault 3 letters ITS
Cultivates 5 letters FARMS
Electric car brand 5 letters TESLA
Hawaiian party 4 letters LUAU
Metal whose atomic number is 30 4 letters ZINC
Many NFL stars 3 letters QBS
Author Anais 3 letters NIN
Texter’s What in the world?! 3 letters OMG
Use your eyes 3 letters SEE

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