Universal Crossword May 29 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 29 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 29 2024 Answers:

Perform in a play 3 letters ACT
Fork it over! 5 letters PAYUP
Jazz genre 3 letters BOP
YouTube diary entry 4 letters VLOG
Fail the test 6 letters GETANF
Wow 3 letters AWE
100 cents in Italy 4 letters EURO
Alanis Morissette hit with the lyric It’s like rain on your wedding day 6 letters IRONIC
Really like 3 letters DIG
*Preparing as apples for a pie (In this answer ignore letters 2-4) 9 letters CENSORING
Some Zillow listings 5 letters HOMES
Soup server 5 letters LADLE
Volcano output 4 letters LAVA
Edinburgh resident e.g. 4 letters SCOT
Split fruits 7 letters BANANAS
Move like 24-Across 4 letters FLOW
Marathoner or lecturer’s concern 6 letters PACING
Once named 3 letters NEE
PC hookup 3 letters LAN
Pride processions 7 letters PARADES
Lover or Folklore for Taylor Swift 3 letters ERA
Off-road ride briefly 3 letters ATV
Phil and Jesse of ’90s sitcoms 6 letters UNCLES
Not looking good at all 4 letters GRIM
Knitters : ___ :: crocheters : hooks 7 letters NEEDLES
Medicine amount 4 letters DOSE
Move like a tumbleweed 4 letters ROLL
Hybrid athletic garment 5 letters SKORT
Totally stoked 5 letters EAGER
*High on weed (… letters 6-8) 9 letters STONECOLD
Low card perhaps 3 letters ACE
Ethically indifferent 6 letters AMORAL
Stuff in a ponytail 4 letters HAIR
Took off 3 letters RAN
In a snooping way 6 letters NOSILY
Zone 4 letters AREA
Tiny criticism 3 letters NIT
___ Troopa (Bowser minion with a rhyming name) 5 letters KOOPA
Deli sandwich 3 letters SUB
With in French 4 letters AVEC
Game where you might guess Mrs. Peacock with the rope in the study 4 letters CLUE
Conflicted 4 letters TORN
Serious risk 5 letters PERIL
Make amends 5 letters ATONE
Yin’s opposite 4 letters YANG
College to a Brit 3 letters UNI
*Dangles (… letters 1-3) 8 letters PFCHANGS
*Signs in a stadium (… letters 2-4) 10 letters BADMANNERS
Scrape e.g. to a toddler 4 letters OWIE
Things to hang tools on 4 letters PEGS
Don’t rush! 6 letters GOSLOW
Brace (oneself) 4 letters GIRD
Cereal grain 3 letters OAT
Egg cells 3 letters OVA
Pool divisions 5 letters LANES
Clean ___ (fresh start) 5 letters SLATE
*Change the function of as a room (… letters 7-9) 10 letters CONVERGENT
___ one’s time (wait patiently) 4 letters BIDE
Eagle’s nest 5 letters AERIE
Sewn line 4 letters SEAM
Custardy treat 4 letters FLAN
Group of judges 5 letters PANEL
Free throws’ paths 4 letters ARCS
___ State Northridge 3 letters CAL
Assert authority or a theme hint 8 letters PULLRANK
Psych! 6 letters GOTCHA
Female deer 3 letters DOE
Dad on Black-ish 3 letters DRE
Undress 5 letters STRIP
Bear whose joey is initially the size of a jelly bean 5 letters KOALA
Nothing but 4 letters ONLY
Work hard for 4 letters EARN
Brazilian berry 4 letters ACAI
Just OK 4 letters SOSO
Crew team’s tools 4 letters OARS
In ___ of 4 letters LIEU
Blah in color 4 letters DRAB
Cow’s hello 3 letters MOO

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