Universal Crossword May 28 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 28 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 28 2024 Answers:

Taiwanese laptop brand 4 letters ACER
___-pedi 4 letters MANI
Borat star Baron Cohen 5 letters SACHA
Magical charm 4 letters MOJO
Atop 4 letters UPON
Like some committees 5 letters ADHOC
O.G. Original Gangster rapper 4 letters ICET
Makeshift knife 4 letters SHIV
Will ___ (ABC show) 5 letters TRENT
Result of committing a faux pas perhaps? 9 letters SOCIALIRE
What we breathe 3 letters AIR
Test the constructor took to create 20-Across? 3 letters SAT
Jar top 3 letters LID
A movie called Lithium Weapon for example? 7 letters IONFILM
Sleep stage letters 3 letters REM
Movie studio with a lion mascot 3 letters MGM
General ___ chicken 4 letters TSOS
Half a dozen 3 letters SIX
Coke or Pepsi 4 letters COLA
Flying Solo? 3 letters HAN
Handle for a social media account followed by coral enthusiasts? 13 letters ATBARRIERREEF
I’m c-c-cold! 3 letters BRR
Rowboat propellers 4 letters OARS
Helpful connections 3 letters INS
Perfect tennis serves 4 letters ACES
Kill Bill singer 3 letters SZA
Savings options: Abbr. 3 letters CDS
With 53-Across serving platter for a Shakespearean king? 7 letters THETRAY
Tuna type 3 letters AHI
Test the constructor took to create 46-/53-Across? 3 letters GED
Little piggy 3 letters TOE
See 46-Across 9 letters OFMACBETH
Research money 5 letters GRANT
Egotistical 4 letters VAIN
u r 2 funny! 4 letters LMAO
Less common 5 letters RARER
Sharp part of a razor 4 letters EDGE
Exclude 4 letters OMIT
Contest submission 5 letters ENTRY
Are you for ___? 4 letters REAL
Indonesian island 4 letters BALI
Slightly off 5 letters AMISS
Warm winter drink 5 letters COCOA
VCR button 5 letters EJECT
Naan alternative 4 letters ROTI
Ramadan observer 6 letters MUSLIM
Plant pest 5 letters APHID
Detective film genre 4 letters NOIR
Entices 9 letters INVEIGLES
Lucifer 5 letters SATAN
Floating aimlessly 6 letters ADRIFT
Treasures dearly 9 letters CHERISHES
Sweetie 3 letters HON
Test the constructor took to create 25-Across? 3 letters ACT
Spy Kids actress PenaVega 5 letters ALEXA
House actor Epps 4 letters OMAR
Bread unit 4 letters LOAF
AOL rival 3 letters MSN
Barbecue morsel 3 letters RIB
Wig-collecting matriarch on Schitt’s Creek 5 letters MOIRA
Murals and yarn bombing e.g. 9 letters STREETART
Filled with intense love for 9 letters CRAZYOVER
Foot curve 4 letters ARCH
Civil rights leader Parks 4 letters ROSA
Absurd slangily 5 letters RIDIC
Banana has two 3 letters ENS
Word following vampire or fruit 3 letters BAT
One who may subscribe to High Times magazine 6 letters STONER
French fashion house 6 letters CHANEL
Attempt again 5 letters RETRY
Bolivian bestie 5 letters AMIGA
The Creator actress Chan 5 letters GEMMA
Online sales 5 letters ETAIL
Indian garment similar to trousers 5 letters DHOTI
Become dim 4 letters FADE
Amorphous lump 4 letters BLOB
Test the constructor took to create 35-Across? 3 letters GRE
Led 3 letters RAN

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