Universal Crossword May 27 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 27 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 27 2024 Answers:

Extent 5 letters SCOPE
Arrows for an archer 4 letters AMMO
Workplace safety org. 4 letters OSHA
Winner over rock loser to scissors 5 letters PAPER
Student debt component 4 letters LOAN
Tiniest amount 4 letters WHIT
*What cosmologists wonder 10 letters AREWEALONE
State bird of Hawaii 4 letters NENE
Graduates-to-be: Abbr. 3 letters SRS
Biden of the White House 3 letters JOE
Princess in a Nintendo game series 5 letters ZELDA
___ loss for words 3 letters ATA
*French aromatic fragrance 11 letters EAUDEPARFUM
Creative works made with little bricks 7 letters LEGOART
Oomph 3 letters PEP
Smooths wrinkles out of 5 letters IRONS
Ocean 3 letters SEA
Moisturizing butter type 4 letters SHEA
*Teacher’s request of a slacking student 15 letters SEEMEAFTERCLASS
Shredded 4 letters TORE
Opposing vote 3 letters NAY
Major artery 5 letters AORTA
Roulette color 3 letters RED
Had a meal at home 7 letters DINEDIN
*Store with engagement rings and necklaces 11 letters KAYJEWELERS
Reddit Q&A 3 letters AMA
Cool and distant 5 letters ALOOF
2010 health law for short 3 letters ACA
Org. for Tiger Woods 3 letters PGA
Toenail treatment slangily 4 letters PEDI
*Incredulous question (Theme hint: Read the first words of the starred clues’ answers aloud) 10 letters WHYONEARTH
Plow pullers 4 letters OXEN
Worked in a weedy garden 4 letters HOED
Take the wheel 5 letters STEER
First name in animation 4 letters WALT
Fairy-tale monster 4 letters OGRE
The mating game? 5 letters CHESS
Relaxation destination 3 letters SPA
Driver’s sound system 9 letters CARSTEREO
Person often seen at the Met say 9 letters OPERAGOER
Church benches 4 letters PEWS
Before in verse 3 letters ERE
At full throttle 6 letters ALLOUT
Sounded like a cow 5 letters MOOED
Dude 3 letters MAN
Scrabble value of every letter in INSULATOR 3 letters ONE
Deed holder 5 letters OWNER
Place for books 5 letters SHELF
Vishnu worshipper 5 letters HINDU
Starting lineup 5 letters ATEAM
Not completely shut 4 letters AJAR
Hit with a ray gun 3 letters ZAP
Top-tier celebrities 5 letters ALIST
Relieve 4 letters EASE
Fencing blade 4 letters EPEE
Fruit in a holiday basket 4 letters PEAR
I’m treating! 4 letters ONME
Pig’s place 3 letters STY
Gin flavoring 4 letters SLOE
We’re 100% on the same wavelength! 9 letters HARDAGREE
Ballpark figures 9 letters ESTIMATES
Yoga posture 5 letters ASANA
Once again 4 letters ANEW
Grow dim 4 letters FADE
Six-pack units 4 letters CANS
Zebra with a whistle 3 letters REF
Antonym of encrypt 6 letters DECODE
Turkmenistan neighbor 4 letters IRAN
(Bam!) 5 letters KAPOW
Amazon’s equivalent of Siri 5 letters ALEXA
Sing from the mountaintops 5 letters YODEL
Elbow or knee 5 letters JOINT
Cake tier 5 letters LAYER
Route 4 letters PATH
Reporter’s question 3 letters WHO
Refuse to share 3 letters HOG
Exit full screen key 3 letters ESC
60-min. periods 3 letters HRS

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