Universal Crossword May 26 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 26 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 26 2024 Answers:

Take a big bite 5 letters CHOMP
Twirl 4 letters SPIN
Thing for job interviewers to avoid 4 letters BIAS
Function at home? 10 letters HOUSEPARTY
Water balloons in a water balloon fight 4 letters AMMO
Place with piece offerings? 10 letters ARTGALLERY
How have you ___? 4 letters BEEN
Second-to-last Greek letter 3 letters PSI
Covered in suds 5 letters SOAPY
Ink cartridge color 4 letters CYAN
Plant-to-be 4 letters SEED
Faucet 3 letters TAP
Bring in 4 letters EARN
Soaks for itchy skin 12 letters OATMEALBATHS
Permit 5 letters ALLOW
Make a knight e.g. 3 letters DUB
Norse god with a hammer 4 letters THOR
Bold response to a Daily Double on Jeopardy! 7 letters IMALLIN
I’m outta here! 7 letters GOTTAGO
Word after Panama or Mexico 4 letters CITY
Sun in Spanish 3 letters SOL
Droops in the heat 5 letters WILTS
Don’t go overboard here! 12 letters KEEPITSIMPLE
Male sheep 4 letters RAMS
Tiny battery 3 letters AAA
Stuffing herb 4 letters SAGE
Trees on a Christmas tree farm 4 letters FIRS
In the ___ of 5 letters MIDST
Color similar to beige 3 letters TAN
Former 4 letters PAST
Meme that lists hypothetical red flags for an otherwise perfect guy 10 letters HESATENBUT
Cookie with a Space Dunk flavor 4 letters OREO
Inflation device? 10 letters EGOMASSAGE
Gull’s relative 4 letters TERN
Lion’s hair 4 letters MANE
Russet or Purple Majesty informally 5 letters TATER
Fellas 5 letters CHAPS
Nonhuman part of a centaur 5 letters HORSE
Innie’s counterpart 5 letters OUTIE
Umami source for short 3 letters MSG
Frozen veggies in a makeshift ice pack 4 letters PEAS
Dar es ___ Tanzania 6 letters SALAAM
Got ready (for) 7 letters PREPPED
Just doing my best 4 letters ITRY
Bronx baseball team on scoreboards 3 letters NYY
New folk instruments? 11 letters BABYRATTLES
Really and truly! 9 letters IMEANTHAT
Prayer ending 4 letters AMEN
Luke to Darth Vader 3 letters SON
Shocking turns of events 10 letters PLOTTWISTS
Lyft alternative 3 letters CAB
Country and LGBTQ+ icon with a theme park in Tennessee 11 letters DOLLYPARTON
Noodle joints? 10 letters ELBOWPASTA
MSN rival 3 letters AOL
Birth mo. for some Virgos 3 letters AUG
Does not share 4 letters HOGS
No more seats sign 3 letters SRO
French for friend … or a 1975 Pure Prairie League single 4 letters AMIE
Person unlikely to schedule a morning meeting 9 letters LATERISER
Eww! 3 letters ICK
Turndowns 3 letters NOS
Fake it ___ you make it 3 letters TIL
Go-between 7 letters LIAISON
Online chats: Abbr. 3 letters IMS
___ Web (2024 film with the tagline Her web connects them all) 6 letters MADAME
Up in softball 5 letters ATBAT
Odometer for one 5 letters GAUGE
Go in 5 letters ENTER
Lyft cost 4 letters FARE
Prefix smaller than giga- 4 letters MEGA
___ the waters 4 letters TEST
Weed 3 letters POT
Sewn line 3 letters HEM
Code-breaking org. 3 letters NSA

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