Universal Crossword May 26 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 26 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 26 2023 Answers:

Beyonce’s is nearly four octaves 5 letters RANGE
Vacuum hookup 4 letters HOSE
Rubber ducky’s place 4 letters BATH
Mountaineering tool 5 letters ICEAX
Non-Lyft lift 4 letters UBER
Vicinity 4 letters AREA
After failing to bore a hole through the tooth with a Waterpik the clumsy dentist exclaimed … 15 letters THISISNOTADRILL
Sushi bar fish 3 letters EEL
Big bags 5 letters TOTES
And others: Abbr. 4 letters ETAL
Capote’s nickname 3 letters TRU
Apt letters missing from Bri_ish m_ _l 3 letters TEA
After cementing her finger to the patient’s implant the clumsy dentist promised it would just be a … 13 letters SHORTTERMBOND
Off-kilter 5 letters ASKEW
Goes by horse 5 letters RIDES
Pod legume 3 letters PEA
Picnic spoiler 4 letters RAIN
Thrust forward 5 letters LUNGE
Artisan’s website 4 letters ETSY
___ of Aquarius (time of harmony to a hippie) 3 letters AGE
Drawn-out attack 5 letters SIEGE
Works with yarn 5 letters KNITS
After overloading the molding tray with putty the clumsy dentist left the patient with a … 13 letters BADIMPRESSION
___ Moines 3 letters DES
Biblical beast 3 letters ASS
Masquerade event 4 letters BALL
Lines on jeans 5 letters SEAMS
The Raven writer 3 letters POE
After realizing her diamond ring had fallen into the amalgam mix the clumsy dentist informed the patient there was a … 15 letters JEWELINTHECROWN
Software downloader 4 letters USER
It’s destiny! 4 letters FATE
Had the flu say 5 letters AILED
Ares and Apollo 4 letters GODS
Email nuisance 4 letters SPAM
Emotional states 5 letters MOODS
Baptism for one 4 letters RITE
Post-workout woe 4 letters ACHE
Armstrong who visited the moon 4 letters NEIL
Oxygen e.g. 3 letters GAS
Airline seating with extra legroom 7 letters EXITROW
Word after treasure or scavenger 4 letters HUNT
High woodwind 4 letters OBOE
Hardens 4 letters SETS
Noteworthy time 3 letters ERA
Total at a tavern 6 letters BARTAB
Otello solo 4 letters ARIA
Spill the beans 4 letters TELL
Evil computer of film 3 letters HAL
Lip-puckering 4 letters SOUR
Considers to be 5 letters DEEMS
After that … 4 letters THEN
Willow or beech 4 letters TREE
Enjoyed Aspen 5 letters SKIED
More exact 5 letters TRUER
Subtle coloration 5 letters TINGE
Fringes 5 letters EDGES
Agree to join 5 letters OPTIN
Lofty home 4 letters NEST
Kids these ___ … 4 letters DAYS
Qatari or Omani 4 letters ARAB
Epic story 4 letters SAGA
ChapStick target 4 letters LIPS
Name found in Kenosha 4 letters ENOS
I ___ a rat! 5 letters SMELL
Jumbotron entertainment source 7 letters KISSCAM
Lazy types 6 letters IDLERS
I agree! 4 letters SAME
Smooch in San Juan 4 letters BESO
Wonder-struck 4 letters AWED
Lose one’s cool 4 letters SNAP
Jazzy James 4 letters ETTA
Excuse me 4 letters AHEM
Horseplay? 4 letters POLO
Had bills to pay 4 letters OWED
Odds and ___ 4 letters ENDS
Moonshine vessel 3 letters JUG
Hypotheticals 3 letters IFS
River: Sp. 3 letters RIO

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