Universal Crossword May 25 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 25 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 25 2024 Answers:

Floating junk 10 letters SPACEWASTE
Class-conscious grps.? 4 letters PTAS
First Hispanic woman to go to space (1993) 10 letters ELLENOCHOA
Home for the Reds and Browns 4 letters OHIO
Backs of choppers 10 letters TAILROTORS
Slangy lead-in to What can you do? 4 letters WELP
Somber segue 10 letters ONASADNOTE
Fuzzy farm females 4 letters EWES
Denials 3 letters NOS
Prefix with political or graphic 3 letters GEO
Went to great heights 6 letters SOARED
Candidate for class president in Napoleon Dynamite 5 letters PEDRO
Forcefully encourage 4 letters URGE
Chef’s offering 4 letters DISH
Item for a building’s super 9 letters MASTERKEY
Name akin to Matthew 5 letters MATEO
Work of ___ 3 letters ART
Gifted world traveler? 5 letters SANTA
One who might be in search of a school? 9 letters SNORKELER
May 19 for Malcolm X for short 4 letters BDAY
Lucky Guy playwright Ephron 4 letters NORA
Condemns 5 letters DAMNS
Comment 6 letters REMARK
Oh ___ is me! 3 letters WOE
Lunch with a crunch for short 3 letters BLT
Lunch with a crunch maybe 4 letters TACO
1961 film about Fast Eddie Felson 10 letters THEHUSTLER
Once ___ a time … 4 letters UPON
Provide pictures for 10 letters ILLUSTRATE
River through Cairo 4 letters NILE
Tense time for sports fans 10 letters POSTSEASON
Does sum math? 4 letters ADDS
Snaky monster in the water 10 letters SEASERPENT
Committed to 5 letters SETON
Texas home of Frito-Lay 5 letters PLANO
Assumed name 5 letters ALIAS
Cartoon stills 4 letters CELS
Bring to a boil? 6 letters ENRAGE
Tree-filled 6 letters WOODED
Pretend nothing happened 9 letters ACTNORMAL
Get out of here! 4 letters SHOO
Slander and libel for two 5 letters TORTS
Gently show the door 7 letters EASEOUT
Megalomaniac’s maneuvers 10 letters POWERGRABS
Starboy singer 9 letters THEWEEKND
Was sick 5 letters AILED
Soaks (up) 4 letters SOPS
God also known as Mars 4 letters ARES
Attractive substances 10 letters PHEROMONES
Rowed 5 letters OARED
Private social media exchanges: Abbr. 3 letters DMS
McKellen who played Gandalf 3 letters IAN
Beyond freezing or a moniker for wrestler Steve Austin 9 letters STONECOLD
Simple abodes 9 letters STRAWHUTS
when will u get here? 3 letters ETA
Woo-hoo! 3 letters YAY
Vegetable in kurkuri bhindi and gumbo 4 letters OKRA
Parts of AirPods 7 letters EARTIPS
Airy creamy treat 6 letters MOUSSE
Empty ___ (certain parent) 6 letters NESTER
Like some transit 5 letters RAPID
Third-oldest Kardashian sibling 5 letters KHLOE
Less than impressed 5 letters BLASE
Reveal one’s feelings 5 letters LETON
Nine Inch Nails front man Reznor 5 letters TRENT
Fish such as ahi 4 letters TUNA
Name hidden in hotel safe 4 letters ELSA
Shut your ___! 4 letters TRAP

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