Universal Crossword May 25 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 25 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 25 2023 Answers:

Grinders and hoagies 4 letters SUBS
Personal histories 5 letters PASTS
Red or blue caplet in The Matrix 4 letters PILL
What time ___? 4 letters ISIT
Chicago Sky star Quigley 5 letters ALLIE
Zone 4 letters AREA
Diddly-squat 4 letters NADA
Chap who calls chips crisps 5 letters BLOKE
A Swiss army knife has many 4 letters USES
Meaty appetizer served with ranch 12 letters BUFFALOWINGS
Currently 7 letters ASOFNOW
Taken-back autos 5 letters REPOS
Bobby who sang Dream Lover 5 letters DARIN
Breakfast creation with a fluffy white base 8 letters CLOUDEGG
Name within brainiac 3 letters NIA
Once owned 3 letters HAD
A banana duct-taped to the wall to some 3 letters ART
Light fluffy dessert 13 letters ANGELFOODCAKE
Calif. airport near SJC 3 letters SFO
Pen brand 3 letters BIC
Cabo ___ Lucas 3 letters SAN
Cold Filipino treat with a repetitive name 8 letters HALOHALO
Surprise attacks 5 letters RAIDS
Speak pompously 5 letters ORATE
Candy wafer in a roll 7 letters SMARTIE
Famed Manhattan neighborhood … or where you wouldn’t find 20- 29- 36- and 44-Across? 12 letters HELLSKITCHEN
Jigsaw puzzle side 4 letters EDGE
Constantly vex 5 letters EATAT
___ off to you! 4 letters HATS
Like a lemon 4 letters SOUR
Hit hard in the Bible 5 letters SMITE
Frozen drink brand 4 letters ICEE
Cats and snakes e.g. 4 letters PETS
Puts a strain on 5 letters TAXES
Dishonorable dudes 4 letters CADS
2003 animated film about a legendary sailor 6 letters SINBAD
Patriotic American chant 6 letters USAUSA
Try to buy at an auction 6 letters BIDFOR
Hiring process 8 letters STAFFING
Painter Picasso 5 letters PABLO
Authorize 5 letters ALLOW
Hardly speedy 4 letters SLOW
Polynesian-themed bar type 4 letters TIKI
Spotted 4 letters SEEN
Took a breather 6 letters PAUSED
Org. that takes many forms? 3 letters IRS
Stan of Marvel Comics 3 letters LEE
___ Mananitas (Mexican birthday song) 3 letters LAS
Musical about an orphan 5 letters ANNIE
Despicable Me antihero 3 letters GRU
Mountaintop 4 letters PEAK
Shrek or Fiona 4 letters OGRE
Cpl.’s superior 3 letters SGT
___ Taco (former ice cream treat with a rhyming name) 5 letters CHOCO
Vientiane native 3 letters LAO
Ironically they may be even 4 letters ODDS
Jessica of Honey 4 letters ALBA
Not at all close 4 letters AFAR
Mardi Gras city for short 4 letters NOLA
Chick-___-A 3 letters FIL
Diamond unit 5 letters CARAT
Lawless 8 letters ANARCHIC
Dexter channel for short 3 letters SHO
Additional people 6 letters OTHERS
Laugh syllable in Billie Jean 3 letters HEE
Destination in the Odyssey 6 letters ITHACA
Did keto say 6 letters DIETED
Smell and taste 6 letters SENSES
Navigate thin ice? 5 letters SKATE
Dust arachnids 5 letters MITES
For fear that 4 letters LEST
Tibetan priest 4 letters LAMA
Pixy ___ (candy) 4 letters STIX
Psychic’s gift: Abbr. 3 letters ESP
Buck passer? 3 letters DOE
___ feeling (instinct) 3 letters GUT

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