Universal Crossword May 24 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 24 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 24 2023 Answers:

Hailed vehicles 4 letters CABS
Spiders’ silk traps 4 letters WEBS
___ the ante 5 letters UPPED
Watery color 4 letters AQUA
Baby wipe additive 4 letters ALOE
Big back tooth 5 letters MOLAR
First-grader’s math test answers 4 letters SUMS
Wander around 4 letters ROAM
Social equals 5 letters PEERS
Fugees De La Soul or Naughty By Nature 10 letters HIPHOPTRIO
___ and cheese 3 letters MAC
U-turn from WSW 3 letters ENE
Pre-owned 4 letters USED
Such a shame . . . 6 letters ITSSAD
What’s the ___ that could happen? 5 letters WORST
Copa Mundial cheer 3 letters OLE
Quaint lodging 3 letters INN
Tax agcy. 3 letters IRS
Mystical glow 4 letters AURA
Secrecy contract 3 letters NDA
Robert Rodriguez film series that follows El Mariachi 13 letters MEXICOTRILOGY
Tyrannosaurus ___ 3 letters REX
Unit of mass in European cookbooks 4 letters GRAM
Martini spirit 3 letters GIN
And so on (Abbr.) 3 letters ETC
She/___ 3 letters HER
Catch those guys! 5 letters GETEM
Frozen treat that might be studded with fresas 6 letters PALETA
Inscribe 4 letters ETCH
___ we having fun yet? 3 letters ARE
Expected to arrive 3 letters DUE
C-E-G chord in music notation 10 letters MAJORTRIAD
Spanish for father 5 letters PADRE
Second try 4 letters REDO
Frozen queen 4 letters ELSA
Had leftovers for example 5 letters ATEIN
Venerated figure 4 letters ICON
Citrus skin 4 letters PEEL
Walked in a shallow pool 5 letters WADED
Crafts website 4 letters ETSY
May the ___ be ever in your favor 4 letters ODDS
Nut used in some vegan cheese 6 letters CASHEW
Former Philippine president Corazon 6 letters AQUINO
___-to-___ traffic 6 letters BUMPER
Drag pageant accessory 4 letters SASH
Travels through a pipe like Mario 5 letters WARPS
Corn on a stick with queso y crema 5 letters ELOTE
Part of a chess set 5 letters BOARD
Eighteen-wheeler 4 letters SEMI
Softball ref 3 letters UMP
Yalie Kamara works 5 letters POEMS
Delightful 8 letters PLEASING
Delightfully sweet music 8 letters EARCANDY
RNs’ co-workers 3 letters DRS
Without exception 8 letters OUTRIGHT
Drilling platform 6 letters OILRIG
Little candle in a metal cup 8 letters TEALIGHT
Genetic molecule 3 letters DNA
Number at the bottom of a clock 3 letters SIX
Their and my 3 letters OUR
Slasher franchise starring Courteney Cox in every film 6 letters SCREAM
Cash machine 3 letters ATM
Information about information 8 letters METADATA
Left out 8 letters EXCLUDED
Boating tool 3 letters OAR
Bit of binary code 3 letters ONE
Single squat e.g. 3 letters REP
Followed in hot pursuit 6 letters TAILED
Wiped from a chalkboard 6 letters ERASED
Olympic awards 6 letters MEDALS
Creepy 5 letters EERIE
Blu-ray player button 5 letters EJECT
Tasks on a task list 5 letters TODOS
Villain’s pal 5 letters CRONY
Songversation artist India.___ 4 letters ARIE
Seized car 4 letters REPO
A dog may offer it for a shake 3 letters PAW
___ on a positive note 3 letters END

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