Universal Crossword May 23 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 23 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 23 2024 Answers:

Scotch and ___ 4 letters SODA
Soak up the sun 4 letters BASK
Cream of the crop 5 letters ELITE
Sound from a contented cat 4 letters PURR
James who sang At Last 4 letters ETTA
Asian country known for cherry blossoms 5 letters JAPAN
Plains people 4 letters OTOE
Mosque leader 4 letters IMAM
Digital greeting 5 letters ECARD
What Napoleon tried to do after the Revolution? 12 letters REPAIRFRANCE
NFL scores 3 letters TDS
Regret 3 letters RUE
Pianist’s practice pieces 6 letters ETUDES
Rave review of a tapas bar? 13 letters ABITETOREPEAT
Heavy burden 4 letters ONUS
Paul of The Shrink Next Door 4 letters RUDD
Bikini top 3 letters BRA
Some SUVs 4 letters GMCS
Welling up 5 letters TEARY
More than a few 4 letters MANY
Sound from a contented human 3 letters AAH
DEA agent 4 letters NARC
All ___ are off! 4 letters BETS
Iguana in a stall say? 13 letters SHOWERREPTILE
Company that made the first gummy bears 6 letters HARIBO
Request 3 letters ASK
ORD org. 3 letters TSA
Practice or a hint to 20- 29- and 43-Across 12 letters PUTINTHEREPS
Jacket part with notch peak and shawl styles 5 letters LAPEL
Indian garment more casual than a lehenga 4 letters SARI
Stop right there! 4 letters HALT
Uber alternative? 5 letters ULTRA
Love in Lima 4 letters AMOR
Kuwaiti monarch 4 letters EMIR
Pint ___ (brewery souvenir) 5 letters GLASS
Departed 4 letters WENT
On the topic of 4 letters ASTO
Curling or boxing 5 letters SPORT
Exposed publicly 5 letters OUTED
Secures a boat 11 letters DROPSANCHOR
___ code (701 for North Dakota) 4 letters AREA
Lebanon’s capital 6 letters BEIRUT
Charge for taking notes? 6 letters ATMFEE
Light that is light years away 4 letters STAR
___ Sutra 4 letters KAMA
Thrown out 7 letters EJECTED
Like some boots 6 letters LACEUP
Hoppy brew briefly 3 letters IPA
Roofing goop 3 letters TAR
Come to a close 3 letters END
Flower that may be bearded 4 letters IRIS
Really into crosswords maybe 5 letters NERDY
Student groups with lots of issues? 11 letters DEBATETEAMS
Works for 5 letters EARNS
Please don’t go 4 letters STAY
Throw under the ___ 3 letters BUS
Draw with a stencil 5 letters TRACE
Your and my 3 letters OUR
Nebraska city in the Silicon Prairie 5 letters OMAHA
Deep cut 4 letters GASH
Fortuneteller’s deck 5 letters TAROT
Take a wrong turn maybe 3 letters ERR
Nickname that might omit -vin 3 letters MEL
Clouds of cosmic dust 7 letters NEBULAS
Commute option that requires a helmet 4 letters BIKE
Windshield ___ 6 letters WIPERS
Premium tequila brand 6 letters PATRON
Top worn to the gym 6 letters TSHIRT
Chop like firewood 5 letters SPLIT
The Jetsons’ pet 5 letters ASTRO
No need to describe it to me 4 letters ISAW
What you’re called 4 letters NAME
Zeus’ mother 4 letters RHEA
Drag with effort 3 letters LUG
Every last one 3 letters ALL
Org. that organizes bake sales 3 letters PTA

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