Universal Crossword May 23 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 23 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 23 2023 Answers:

List of social media posts 4 letters FEED
Oohs and ___ 4 letters AAHS
Quaint affirmative 4 letters YESM
Snowballs in a snowball fight 4 letters AMMO
Actor Adam or golfer Adam 5 letters SCOTT
Fancy hotel chain 4 letters OMNI
Short test 4 letters QUIZ
Got it? 5 letters YHEAR
Sure I guess 4 letters UMOK
Red money? 14 letters STEAMEDCABBAGE
Sen. Tammy Baldwin e.g. 3 letters DEM
Sword spelled with two letters 4 letters EPEE
Org. with caddies 3 letters PGA
Race with an anchor 5 letters RELAY
Train stations 5 letters STOPS
Blue money? 8 letters LOWNOTES
Heck if I know 6 letters NOIDEA
West Point sch. 4 letters USMA
Back in style 5 letters RETRO
Prepares to bury a time capsule 4 letters DIGS
In an unkind way 6 letters MEANLY
Green money? 8 letters RAWDOUGH
Tubular pasta 5 letters PENNE
Jason of Dune (2021) 5 letters MOMOA
R&B singer whose name anagrams to Amy 3 letters MYA
Himalayan cryptid 4 letters YETI
Messenger molecule 3 letters RNA
Yellow money? 14 letters CHICKENSCRATCH
Dalai ___ 4 letters LAMA
Arcade game pioneer 5 letters ATARI
Sound made while poking a pet’s nose 4 letters BOOP
If I may say something … 4 letters AHEM
As I was saying … is one 5 letters SEGUE
Word of lament 4 letters ALAS
Bankrolls 4 letters WADS
Pair of parents in Knock at the Cabin 4 letters DADS
Vehicle to hail 4 letters TAXI
Answer page? 3 letters FAQ
Birds related to cassowaries 4 letters EMUS
Give off as light 4 letters EMIT
Took a snooze 5 letters DOZED
Lopsidedness 9 letters ASYMMETRY
Feel yesterday’s workout 4 letters ACHE
Weeded perhaps 4 letters HOED
Georgia politician Abrams 6 letters STACEY
Abso-freakin’-lutely! 9 letters YOUBETIDO
Cruella actress Stone 4 letters EMMA
Kiss in England 4 letters SNOG
Karaoke need informally 4 letters MIKE
Sand ___ (golf hazard) 4 letters TRAP
Prefix with space 4 letters AERO
Kiss in Spain 4 letters BESO
Like full lips 5 letters PLUMP
Take a look 5 letters GOSEE
That’s disappointing! 5 letters AWMAN
Author Harper 3 letters LEE
Houston MLB player 5 letters ASTRO
Hatred 5 letters ODIUM
Mad Men character Olson 5 letters PEGGY
I Am ___ Fierce (Beyonce album) 5 letters SASHA
Kids movie producers? 9 letters NANNYCAMS
It’s fine! 9 letters NOWORRIES
Ewe’s mate 3 letters RAM
Onion’s cousin 4 letters LEEK
The X-Files agent Scully 4 letters DANA
Made as nickels 6 letters MINTED
Caddy contents 4 letters TEAS
Set to swing 5 letters ATBAT
Toy grabber in a machine 4 letters CLAW
LOL 4 letters HAHA
Used GroupMe say 4 letters IMED
It’s a long story 4 letters SAGA
Shoot! 4 letters CRUD
Coke or RC 4 letters COLA
Evidence of a 49-Across presumably 4 letters HOAX
Letter before omega 3 letters PSI

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