Universal Crossword May 22 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 22 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 22 2023 Answers:

Stout or porter 4 letters BEER
Chunk of concrete 4 letters SLAB
Study at the last minute 4 letters CRAM
What’s more 4 letters ALSO
She-Ra’s twin brother 5 letters HEMAN
Add to the staff 4 letters HIRE
*Empty words (Note the last 7 letters in this answer) 10 letters LIPSERVICE
You are correct 4 letters ITIS
Friendly French term of address 7 letters MONAMIE
Celebration that includes the lighting of kinara candles 7 letters KWANZAA
Name that’s an alphabetical sequence 3 letters STU
Beg 5 letters PLEAD
Puts down 4 letters LAYS
Khan of Khan Academy 3 letters SAL
Pink Himalayan and fleur de sel 5 letters SALTS
Get 100% on the exam 5 letters ACEIT
Snacks dipped in hummus 9 letters PITACHIPS
**Nestle treat named after an inn in Massachusetts (First 4 letters) 15 letters TOLLHOUSECOOKIE
Made an embarrassment of oneself 9 letters LOOKEDBAD
Sch. in Philly 5 letters UPENN
Vodka brand for short 5 letters STOLI
Middle of a tunnel? 3 letters ENS
Focal points 4 letters LOCI
That is in Latin 5 letters IDEST
Bitter 1-Across 3 letters ALE
Reporters’ informants 7 letters SOURCES
***Teenage ___ (2000 Wheatus hit) (First 4 letters) 7 letters DIRTBAG
Adorable 4 letters CUTE
Appropriate ‘do for Scooby’s pal 10 letters SHAGGYHAIR
Helper on the Hill 4 letters AIDE
Neutral pH number 5 letters SEVEN
Raison d’___ 4 letters ETRE
Gas being replaced by LEDs 4 letters NEON
Papas 4 letters DADS
Smart thermostat brand 4 letters NEST
Ointments 5 letters BALMS
The Waste Land poet 5 letters ELIOT
College Football Live channel 5 letters ESPNU
Civil rights activist Parks 4 letters ROSA
Piercingly high-pitched 6 letters SHRILL
Embankment 5 letters LEVEE
___ missing something? 3 letters AMI
*Made effective as of an earlier time (First 4 letters) 9 letters BACKDATED
Bad places for bulls to run 10 letters CHINASHOPS
Fancy-schmancy 5 letters RITZY
Diva’s performances 5 letters ARIAS
Arizona city or landform 4 letters MESA
Unopened 3 letters NEW
Able to feel someone’s feelings 10 letters EMPATHETIC
***Music genre related to cowpunk (Last 7 letters) 10 letters ALTCOUNTRY
To reiterate … 7 letters ASISAID
**Printing technique that originated in China (First 4 letters) 10 letters SILKSCREEN
Fond du ___ Wis. 3 letters LAC
Busy airport in Ga. 3 letters ATL
Sound like a dove 3 letters COO
Mr. Blue Sky grp. 3 letters ELO
Put into print 9 letters PUBLISHED
50s White House nickname 3 letters IKE
Debit purchase input 3 letters PIN
Abbr. seen on C-SPAN 3 letters SEN
Prefix with -meter 3 letters ODO
Endorses digitally 6 letters ESIGNS
One of Donald Duck’s nephews 5 letters LOUIE
Top 5 letters OUTDO
Narrowly defeated 5 letters EDGED
Ease up 5 letters ABATE
Places of refuge 5 letters LAIRS
White heron 5 letters EGRET
Give a quick read 4 letters SCAN
Road curve shape 3 letters ESS
In that case 4 letters THEN
Director DuVernay 3 letters AVA

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