Universal Crossword May 21 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 21 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 21 2023 Answers:

Neither a majority nor a minority 4 letters HALF
Just sitting around 4 letters IDLE
Woolly female animals 4 letters EWES
Chef who founded World Central Kitchen 10 letters JOSEANDRES
Fake 4 letters SHAM
Avatar 2 setting? 10 letters ALTACCOUNT
Bank that never sleeps informally 4 letters CITI
You can credit me 6 letters MYIDEA
Engages in a fight 8 letters GOESATIT
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra competitor 4 letters IPAD
Tranquil 6 letters SERENE
Ideal course of action 5 letters PLANA
World Central Kitchen e.g.: Abbr. 3 letters NGO
Comedian Ali 4 letters WONG
Unfathomably long time 3 letters EON
Gets the hang of 6 letters LEARNS
___ moco (rhyming Hawaiian dish) 4 letters LOCO
Act normal while we share this special moment 15 letters DONTMAKEITWEIRD
Chain whose showrooms resemble mazes 4 letters IKEA
Cough drop brand promoted with a yodel 6 letters RICOLA
Lawn roll 3 letters SOD
Little devils 4 letters IMPS
Whole lot 3 letters TON
Slow-cooked dishes 5 letters STEWS
Pointillist Georges 6 letters SEURAT
Green of Austin Powers movies 4 letters SETH
Partial floor covering 8 letters THROWRUG
Room for error 6 letters LEEWAY
Aviation prefix 4 letters AERO
Prankster’s annual cry 10 letters APRILFOOLS
Stuff (in) 4 letters CRAM
Family Matters character with the catchphrase Did I do that? 10 letters STEVEURKEL
Majors in music say? 4 letters KEYS
Suffragist Julia Ward ___ 4 letters HOWE
Chemicals that sound made-up? 4 letters LYES
___ water (sacred liquid) 4 letters HOLY
Sparkling Italian wine 4 letters ASTI
Intro 6 letters LEADIN
Gesture akin to How embarrassing! 8 letters FACEPALM
Wedding words 3 letters IDO
AstraZeneca product 4 letters DRUG
Jay who cameoed as a mechanic on Home Improvement 4 letters LENO
Name hidden in best estimate 5 letters ESTES
Salad green 8 letters ESCAROLE
It’s often played in the dark 10 letters WHITENOISE
Admitting a mistake 10 letters EATINGCROW
Strike biblically 5 letters SMITE
Boysenberry product 3 letters JAM
March Madness org. 4 letters NCAA
Stitch 3 letters SEW
23andMe offering 6 letters DNAKIT
Foot treatment informally 4 letters PEDI
Oho! 10 letters LOOKIEHERE
Snowbird singer 10 letters ANNEMURRAY
El ___ (artist from Crete) 5 letters GRECO
They might bring you to tears 6 letters ONIONS
Cochlea’s organ 3 letters EAR
Missouri Botanical Garden’s city for short 3 letters STL
Betting statistics 4 letters ODDS
Bars with kegs 8 letters TAPROOMS
Grossly extravagant 8 letters WASTEFUL
Cutting-edge tool? 3 letters SAW
Word after music or string 6 letters THEORY
Pile of poker chips 5 letters STACK
Dumpster contents 5 letters TRASH
Alternative to Cosmopolitan 4 letters ELLE
Currently working on 4 letters UPTO
Enlarged 4 letters GREW
Ceased slumbering 4 letters WOKE
Brews in 38-Down 4 letters ALES
French fashion monogram 3 letters YSL
___ heard enough 3 letters IVE

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