Universal Crossword May 20 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 20 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 20 2023 Answers:

Broad bean variety 4 letters FAVA
I’m in no mood for your ‘tude 10 letters DONTSASSME
Ellie’s character in The Office 4 letters ERIN
Inbox-induced breathing phenomenon 10 letters EMAILAPNEA
Maternity ___ (hospital area) 4 letters WARD
Machines with low stakes 10 letters PENNYSLOTS
Money can’t ___ happiness 3 letters BUY
Battery terminal 5 letters ANODE
Come From ___ (musical) 4 letters AWAY
Flies like an eagle 5 letters SOARS
Jimmy V Award for one 4 letters ESPY
Roast remark 6 letters INSULT
Miss in Monterrey: Abbr. 4 letters SRTA
Smokey Bear ad e.g. 3 letters PSA
Maximally lite 5 letters NOCAL
Taxi 3 letters CAB
Sabermetrics subj. 5 letters STATS
Exchanges blows 5 letters SPARS
DiFranco who sang You Had Time 3 letters ANI
Doctor’s Open up! 5 letters SAYAH
Core belief 5 letters TENET
The Matrix hero 3 letters NEO
You matter to me! 5 letters ICARE
Donkey 3 letters ASS
In the distance 4 letters AFAR
Bat boxes 6 letters ROOSTS
Small wire nail 4 letters BRAD
Kravitz who sang Again 5 letters LENNY
Bombeck who said Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died 4 letters ERMA
Metric weights informally 5 letters KILOS
Particle such as F- 3 letters ION
After-work hockey organization perhaps 10 letters BEERLEAGUE
Burrito add-on for short 4 letters GUAC
Container whose last word surrounds its first 10 letters BARGAINBIN
House Hunters network 4 letters HGTV
Tested the strength of connections? 10 letters SPEEDDATED
Water testers? 4 letters TOES
Not many 3 letters FEW
Part of UAE 4 letters ARAB
Computer security measures 10 letters VIRUSSCANS
Snarky Have we met? 9 letters ANDYOUARE
Head out 6 letters DEPART
Signs of the future 5 letters OMENS
Former small iPod 4 letters NANO
Match info? 9 letters TINDERBIO
Most cunning 6 letters SLYEST
Some batteries 3 letters AAS
Spread as your fingers 5 letters SPLAY
Nor’easter precipitation 4 letters SNOW
Company that owns Facebook 4 letters META
Simple 4 letters EASY
Outstanding athlete 7 letters ALLSTAR
___ project (piece of work that you love) 7 letters PASSION
13-Down app for sharing pics 5 letters INSTA
Casual refusals 5 letters NOPES
More reasonable 5 letters SANER
Kind of phone plan 10 letters PAYASYOUGO
Onset 5 letters START
Fire remnants 5 letters ASHES
Ketchup chips toques and the like 9 letters CANADIANA
Tuesday evening for some foodies 9 letters TACONIGHT
It might make you seem older 6 letters FAKEID
Mail again 6 letters RESEND
Intrude with in 5 letters BARGE
Brother of Huey and Dewey 5 letters LOUIE
Recedes 4 letters EBBS
___ the rewards 4 letters REAP
You have never talked to a ___ mortal (C.S. Lewis) 4 letters MERE
Initialism associated with a rainbow flag 4 letters LGBT
___ the Great (Ted Lasso nickname) 4 letters NATE
Young fellow 3 letters LAD
Store whose receipts have inspired Halloween costumes 3 letters CVS

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