Universal Crossword May 19 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 19 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 19 2023 Answers:

Cross-country event 4 letters MEET
Less taxing 6 letters EASIER
Oft-stubbed digit 3 letters TOE
6:5 or 3:1 4 letters ODDS
Light fixture on a wall 6 letters SCONCE
Tattoo sleeve liquid 3 letters INK
Big social event in Back to the Future 15 letters HIGHSCHOOLDANCE
Oktoberfest vessel 5 letters STEIN
Italian volcano 4 letters ETNA
Some whiskeys 4 letters RYES
Periphery 3 letters RIM
___ so there! 3 letters IAM
Zoom through as a movie scene 15 letters FASTFORWARDPAST
Candid Q&A on Reddit 3 letters AMA
Monastery member 5 letters FRIAR
___ Monica Parker (electric blues singer) 5 letters SISTA
Wine in Naples 4 letters VINO
Perry of fashion 5 letters ELLIS
New Mexico art colony 4 letters TAOS
At the pinnacle 5 letters ONTOP
Justice Kagan 5 letters ELENA
___ the sack (go to bed) 3 letters HIT
AAA offering for stranded drivers 15 letters ROADSIDESERVICE
Encanto songwriter ___-Manuel Miranda 3 letters LIN
Now do you get it? 3 letters SEE
Sandal e.g. 4 letters SHOE
Platter’s shape 4 letters DISK
Coins in Cancun 5 letters PESOS
Minor distance … or alternate clues for 17- 27- and 49-Across? 15 letters HOPSKIPANDAJUMP
Apt letters missing from l_ger a_ternativ_ 3 letters ALE
Mozzarella shredder 6 letters GRATER
9 for a 3×3 square 4 letters AREA
Dudes 3 letters MEN
Low-voiced singers 6 letters BASSES
Longings 4 letters YENS
Friedrich who created a mineral hardness scale 4 letters MOHS
Modify as a poem 4 letters EDIT
Periphery 4 letters EDGE
Not-so-fancy concert garment 6 letters TSHIRT
Key above ~ 3 letters ESC
Feel sore 4 letters ACHE
Chimney accumulation 4 letters SOOT
Aware of 4 letters INON
Profiterole relative 6 letters ECLAIR
Word before Cross or carpet 3 letters RED
Lilliputian 4 letters TINY
Some time ago 4 letters ONCE
Squeaks (out) 4 letters EKES
Scornful sound 5 letters SNIFF
Axe target? 6 letters ARMPIT
Keep singing! 4 letters MORE
Starbucks spots e.g. 3 letters ADS
Party handout 5 letters FAVOR
Type of acid in proteins 5 letters AMINO
Kriss Kringle 5 letters SANTA
Vexed 5 letters RILED
Anti-consumerist Pixar film 5 letters WALLE
Sign after Pisces 5 letters ARIES
Tokyo beer brand 5 letters ASAHI
Far from emotional 5 letters STOIC
Sample as wine 5 letters TASTE
So so many 6 letters OODLES
Console found in hornet’s nest 4 letters SNES
Trident-shaped Greek letter 3 letters PSI
Venezuelan cornmeal cake 5 letters AREPA
Gandhi who was the third prime minister of India 6 letters INDIRA
MTV host 6 letters VEEJAY
Fraudulent thing 4 letters SHAM
___-in-the-wall (small dingy place) 4 letters HOLE
Candid 4 letters OPEN
Hoppy brews: Abbr. 4 letters IPAS
Pre-coll. exams 4 letters SATS
Elbow’s lower counterpart 4 letters KNEE
Certain 4 letters SURE
Broken mirror some say 4 letters OMEN
Hotel amenities 4 letters SPAS
CIA : USA :: ___ : USSR 3 letters KGB
Med. workers 3 letters DRS

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