Universal Crossword May 18 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 18 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 18 2023 Answers:

Real piece of work? 3 letters JOB
Talk back to 4 letters SASS
In Cold Blood author Truman 6 letters CAPOTE
___ Maria 3 letters AVE
Rights org. 4 letters ACLU
Stuff to wear 6 letters ATTIRE
First name of two Spice Girls 3 letters MEL
Turkmenistan neighbor 4 letters IRAN
Longtime Quaker Oats spokesman (In this answer note letters 13-11) 14 letters WILFORDBRIMLEY
Vegan milk option 3 letters SOY
Verb often confused with lay 3 letters LIE
Fair hiring inits. 3 letters EEO
76ers great nicknamed the Answer (… letters 7-4) 12 letters ALLENIVERSON
Swank 6 letters CLASSY
A likely story! 4 letters IBET
Anguish 3 letters WOE
Arcing tennis shots 4 letters LOBS
___ Grand (hotel with 6852 rooms) 3 letters MGM
Tea brand 4 letters TAZO
Luau instrument briefly 3 letters UKE
Not costing a dime 4 letters FREE
Serena Williams and Chris Evert have each won it six times 6 letters USOPEN
Scrubs and Ted Lasso producer (… letters 7-4) 12 letters BILLLAWRENCE
Go on and on 3 letters YAP
Food label fig. 3 letters RDA
Greek X 3 letters CHI
I Want It That Way band … or 19- 25- and 44-Across in relation to their indicated letters? 14 letters BACKSTREETBOYS
Relaxing soak 4 letters BATH
Overly 3 letters TOO
Discordant as music 6 letters ATONAL
Soothing succulent 4 letters ALOE
Off-road ride briefly 3 letters ATV
Preelection faceoff 6 letters DEBATE
Magazine with a Person of the Year 4 letters TIME
Fish eggs 3 letters ROE
Go on and on 4 letters RANT
Outdoor seating area 5 letters PATIO
In a fitting way 5 letters APTLY
Hairdo 4 letters COIF
Leisurely walks 7 letters STROLLS
Doorframe part 4 letters JAMB
Under’s opposite 4 letters OVER
Accept unquestioningly 7 letters BELIEVE
Navy member 6 letters SAILOR
Land measure 4 letters ACRE
Be amazing in slang 4 letters SLAY
It’s about 93 million miles away 3 letters SUN
Crow sounds 4 letters CAWS
In a creepy way 6 letters EERILY
One of two in the middle of middle 3 letters DEE
Track-and-field event 4 letters MEET
Beast of burden 3 letters ASS
Third-longest African river or a country it flows through 5 letters NIGER
Pioneering computing co. 3 letters IBM
Trade 4 letters SWAP
Flow like honey 4 letters OOZE
Glowing gas 4 letters NEON
Nightlife spot 4 letters CLUB
Norse trickster 4 letters LOKI
Eve’s second son 4 letters ABEL
Sound that a mother cat hears 3 letters MEW
Pedicure target 3 letters TOE
Heavy criticism 4 letters FLAK
Cardi B or Nicki Minaj 7 letters RAPSTAR
Like zombies 6 letters UNDEAD
Spread about 7 letters SCATTER
Fragrant Asian fruit 6 letters LYCHEE
Before to a bard 3 letters ERE
Late-night legend O’Brien 5 letters CONAN
High-end hotel chain 5 letters HYATT
52-Down for example 4 letters ISLE
Indonesian tourist spot 4 letters BALI
Elemental unit 4 letters ATOM
Oz dog 4 letters TOTO
Meander 4 letters ROVE
Taiwanese tea 4 letters BOBA
Winged mammal 3 letters BAT

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