Universal Crossword May 17 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 17 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 17 2024 Answers:

I always have the time! 5 letters WATCH
CBS forensics series 3 letters CSI
Genre for Travis Scott 3 letters RAP
Gesundheit elicitor 5 letters ACHOO
Apartment in London 4 letters FLAT
Inferno 4 letters FIRE
Smallest island nation 5 letters NAURU
Music’s Del Rey 4 letters LANA
South American who spoke Quechua 4 letters INCA
Untwisting as a cord (In this answer note letters 1 4 7 and 10) 13 letters DISENTANGLING
Opus ___ 3 letters DEI
Apple desktops 5 letters IMACS
Article of remembrance for short 4 letters OBIT
Buzzed in on Jeopardy! but said nothing say (… letters 1 3 5 and 7) 10 letters DREWABLANK
Charged toward 5 letters RANAT
Voicemail beep 4 letters TONE
Really … me? 3 letters MOI
Ditto formally 5 letters ASDOI
Isn’t ___ Lovely? 3 letters SHE
Warning 5 letters ALERT
Language similar to Thai 3 letters LAO
Pat Tillman Award for Service for one 4 letters ESPY
Decadent dessert 5 letters TORTE
Golden brews (… letters 5-8) 10 letters BLONDEALES
Throw from Mahomes 4 letters PASS
Said way too often 5 letters TRITE
Like many a toddler in front of strangers 3 letters SHY
Signed paperwork say … and a hint to 18- 28- and 44-Across 13 letters CLOSEDTHEDEAL
NASCAR track shape 4 letters OVAL
Pinnacle 4 letters ACME
My heavens! 5 letters LORDY
What statisticians crunch 4 letters DATA
This ride is so-o-o fun! 4 letters WHEE
Game show winner’s haul 5 letters PRIZE
Intergalactic neighbors maybe: Abbr. 3 letters ETS
Landscaper’s roll 3 letters SOD
For both our ___ 5 letters SAKES
Witch’s stick 4 letters WAND
Smoothie berry 4 letters ACAI
As a result 4 letters THUS
Center of the Earth 4 letters CORE
Pester endlessly 5 letters HOUND
Group of families 4 letters CLAN
Crooned 4 letters SANG
Like gelato and pizza 7 letters ITALIAN
Part of a certain video doorbell 10 letters RINGCAMERA
Curved path 3 letters ARC
Tiny spherical veggie 3 letters PEA
Pizzazz 5 letters FLAIR
Big thing to cram for 5 letters FINAL
Cheers star Danson 3 letters TED
Time for me to hit the hay 6 letters IMBEAT
Sounds from a sty 6 letters SNORTS
Toothbrush brand 5 letters ORALB
Volcanic rock 6 letters BASALT
Furry homebodies 10 letters INDOORCATS
Chinese spiritual path 3 letters TAO
Kind of alcohol that’s a biofuel 5 letters ETHYL
Misery 3 letters WOE
Toys that need a breeze 5 letters KITES
Connected with 6 letters TIEDTO
Place to get a face peel 3 letters SPA
Cut (off) 3 letters LOP
Playground fixtures for the indecisive? 7 letters SEESAWS
Wafer brand 5 letters NILLA
Beauty maven Lauder 5 letters ESTEE
Be quiet! 3 letters SHH
Puppy’s cries 5 letters YELPS
Return call? 4 letters ECHO
Chatted privately on Insta 4 letters DMED
Toon with a talking backpack 4 letters DORA
Heat coach Spoelstra 4 letters ERIK
Curved carpentry tool 4 letters ADZE
Potent cleaning solutions 4 letters LYES
Poetic homage 3 letters ODE
Brewer’s tub 3 letters VAT

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