Universal Crossword May 17 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 17 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 17 2023 Answers:

Glasgow native 4 letters SCOT
___: Resurrection (2003 film about a rapper) 5 letters TUPAC
Hairstyle for Questlove 4 letters AFRO
Rescuer of animal pairs 4 letters NOAH
In any way shape or form 5 letters ATALL
Sweat spheroid 4 letters BEAD
Result of overexertion maybe 4 letters ACHE
Martial art with swords 5 letters KENDO
Out of danger 4 letters SAFE
Pillowy seats: Var. 7 letters POUFFES
Night lights? 7 letters AURORAS
They in French 3 letters ILS
Ctrl-Alt-___ 3 letters DEL
Why you little … 6 letters SONOFA
Like income tax returns 6 letters ANNUAL
Astronomical explosions 5 letters NOVAE
Eisenhower’s nickname 3 letters IKE
You’re going down! 5 letters ITSON
Cain’s victim 4 letters ABEL
Victorious gesture 5 letters VSIGN
Como ___ usted? 4 letters ESTA
Company with Zombie Strike toys 4 letters NERF
Golden song 5 letters OLDIE
Catherine ___-Jones 4 letters ZETA
Bruins great Bobby 3 letters ORR
Chant at a futbol match 3 letters OLE
Intro to Paulo 3 letters SAO
Long long time 3 letters EON
Hard-to-define glow 4 letters AURA
Veer 4 letters TURN
Travels in style 7 letters JETSETS
Streakers in the night sky 7 letters METEORS
Leave off a list 4 letters OMIT
Words of clarification 5 letters IMEAN
What might be taken in protest 4 letters KNEE
Wine in Italian 4 letters VINO
Exercise that stretches the hamstrings 5 letters LUNGE
Sicilian mountain 4 letters ETNA
Cogito ___ sum 4 letters ERGO
___ on (goaded) 5 letters EGGED
The Y of YSL 4 letters YVES
Lose it 4 letters SNAP
Pixar film set in Mexico 4 letters COCO
Most populous Hawaiian island 4 letters OAHU
*March Madness quartet (Hint: At the end of each starred clue’s answer read clockwise) 9 letters THEFINALF
*Goes on a short break 6 letters TAKESF
Beehive State natives 4 letters UTES
Frying implement 3 letters PAN
Alan of M*A*S*H 4 letters ALDA
*State of euphoria 6 letters CLOUDN
*Theoretical coldest point 9 letters ABSOLUTEZ
Be afraid of 4 letters FEAR
Tennis great Nadal familiarly 4 letters RAFA
Their titles often contain to a 4 letters ODES
Sheet of ice 4 letters FLOE
Painter Guido whose surname appears in serenity 4 letters RENI
Not drunk 5 letters SOBER
Lending too much credit? 10 letters OVERRATING
Store walkway 5 letters AISLE
Backing or a mythological shield 5 letters AEGIS
Infomercial product label 10 letters ASSEENONTV
Game with a jackpot 5 letters LOTTO
Teeny: Prefix 4 letters NANO
Child 3 letters KID
Palindromic Indian bread 4 letters NAAN
Subject to sudden swings 8 letters VOLATILE
Tidied (up) 8 letters NEATENED
Catan mineral 3 letters ORE
Umpire’s call 3 letters OUT
We agree! 5 letters USTOO
Change as a lock 5 letters REKEY
Chief Roman deity 4 letters JOVE
Persian Gulf leader 4 letters EMIR
Self-congratulatory 4 letters SMUG
Ancient spell caster 4 letters MAGE
Philosopher Descartes 4 letters RENE
Black and Red 4 letters SEAS
The E of OED: Abbr. 3 letters ENG

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