Universal Crossword May 16 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 16 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 16 2024 Answers:

Thick things to smoke 6 letters CIGARS
Overacting actor 3 letters HAM
Wear down 4 letters TIRE
Iron deficiency 6 letters ANEMIA
Chicken ___ king 3 letters ALA
Short race for short 4 letters ONEK
Renowned medical center 10 letters MAYOCLINIC
Speechless entertainer 4 letters MIME
Seek legal damages 3 letters SUE
Nautical record 3 letters LOG
Dog that visited Oz 4 letters TOTO
Congregant’s reply 4 letters AMEN
Hit traveling close to the ground 9 letters LINEDRIVE
What a screwdriver might go on 6 letters BARTAB
Sea of Galilee’s country 6 letters ISRAEL
Fixed-term investments for short 3 letters CDS
Short-legged Australian creature 6 letters WOMBAT
Automaker whose name preceded mobile 4 letters OLDS
Cabaret performance 9 letters FLOORSHOW
Region 4 letters AREA
Scheduled to appear 6 letters BOOKED
You look like you need a ___ 3 letters HUG
Classic theater name 6 letters RIALTO
Modify as a manuscript 6 letters REVISE
City just west of Dallas 9 letters FORTWORTH
And more authors: Abbr. 4 letters ETAL
Divergent actor ___ James 4 letters THEO
Notable period 3 letters ERA
Surgery ctrs. 3 letters ORS
It might be hinged or sliding 4 letters DOOR
One who’s seen it all perhaps 10 letters KEYWITNESS
A do or a don’t 4 letters RULE
Braying beast 3 letters ASS
Batter’s position 6 letters STANCE
Pre-owned 4 letters USED
Live and ___ live 3 letters LET
Stop! … or what one can do with the start of 17- 25- 38- 51- or 60-Across 6 letters HOLDIT
Part of a security system for short 3 letters CAM
Garten who hosts Barefoot Contessa 3 letters INA
Erupting springs 7 letters GEYSERS
Quantity 6 letters AMOUNT
Sushi base 4 letters RICE
Mineo of Rebel Without a Cause 3 letters SAL
Vietnam’s capital 5 letters HANOI
Straighten 5 letters ALIGN
Apple product 3 letters MAC
Day after today 8 letters TOMORROW
Agree to briefly on a contract 7 letters INITIAL
Withdrawn 7 letters REMOVED
Just make with out 3 letters EKE
In poor health 3 letters ILL
Six-pt. NFL plays 3 letters TDS
First letters 3 letters ABC
Livid 3 letters MAD
Both will do 6 letters EITHER
Windy City trains 3 letters ELS
Cobbler’s hand tool 3 letters AWL
Kiss it and make it better target 6 letters BOOBOO
Cow sound 3 letters MOO
Fratty guy 3 letters BRO
Seek an answer 3 letters ASK
Lost confidence 8 letters FALTERED
Poem of praise 3 letters ODE
Comic strip bark 3 letters ARF
Very funny 7 letters RIOTOUS
Football helmet opening 7 letters EARHOLE
Transmit an email 7 letters HITSEND
Where to find CA LA MA and RI 3 letters USA
Hairdresser’s supply 3 letters GEL
Number of dice in craps 3 letters TWO
___ equinox 6 letters VERNAL
Oscar winner Witherspoon 5 letters REESE
Lovers’ rendezvous 5 letters TRYST
Hem and ___ 3 letters HAW
Moviemaker Preminger 4 letters OTTO
R&B’s ___ Hill 3 letters DRU
Actor Penn 3 letters KAL
Somewhat informally 3 letters ISH
___-fi 3 letters SCI
Word before in stone or in motion 3 letters SET

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