Universal Crossword May 14 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 14 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 14 2024 Answers:

Bubble tea 4 letters BOBA
Word after exit or straw 4 letters POLL
Border on 4 letters ABUT
Birthstone for many Libras 4 letters OPAL
Cheese that’s sometimes baked 4 letters BRIE
Singer Simone 4 letters NINA
Insightful 4 letters WISE
Yoga pose 5 letters ASANA
Improves as whiskey 4 letters AGES
Company bigwig 4 letters EXEC
First name in jeans 4 letters LEVI
Took a seat 3 letters SAT
What an antenna picks up 7 letters LOCALTV
Loner 7 letters RECLUSE
British singer Rita 3 letters ORA
Italian automaker 4 letters FIAT
Flew high 6 letters SOARED
First name in cognac 4 letters REMY
Compete (for) 3 letters VIE
Cozy lodging 3 letters INN
Rad! 4 letters DOPE
British singer and recent EGOT winner John 5 letters ELTON
Como ___? 4 letters ESTA
Four-wheeler e.g. 3 letters ATV
Nutrition label fig. 3 letters RDA
Email folder 4 letters SPAM
Fried treat dusted with cinnamon sugar 6 letters CHURRO
Focus-related condition: Abbr. 4 letters ADHD
Anger 3 letters IRE
Millennium Falcon pilot 7 letters HANSOLO
Happy to! 7 letters SURECAN
Ick! 3 letters EWW
CBS procedural 4 letters NCIS
2019 documentary about a fraudulent music festival 4 letters FYRE
Travel by boat 4 letters SAIL
Standoffish 5 letters ALOOF
Tag sale caveat 4 letters ASIS
Little 4 letters TINY
___ and void 4 letters NULL
We had ___ a fun time! 4 letters SUCH
Slaw or salad at a barbecue 4 letters SIDE
Opinion piece 4 letters OPED
Olympic sword 4 letters EPEE
Gift topper 3 letters BOW
Nail polish brand with a Barbie-inspired collection 3 letters OPI
*Starting point for a mountain climber (In this clue’s answer see letters 7-4) 8 letters BASECAMP
Apple : Siri :: Amazon : ___ 5 letters ALEXA
Masterpiece channel 3 letters PBS
Type of exam 4 letters ORAL
Eye makeup 5 letters LINER
*Storms out (… letters 9-5) 13 letters LEAVESINAHUFF
Santa ___ California 3 letters ANA
Coastal California region with redwood forests 6 letters BIGSUR
Worried feeling 6 letters UNEASE
Sampled 6 letters TASTED
*Mount St. Helens e.g. (… letters 10-6) 13 letters ACTIVEVOLCANO
Pointy-eared creature 3 letters ELF
Lady Gaga to the LGBT+ community 4 letters ICON
British noble 4 letters LORD
Milk’s favorite cookie brand 4 letters OREO
Colorado ski resort 4 letters VAIL
Bowling alley divisions 5 letters LANES
Colorful aquarium fish 5 letters TETRA
Orbital periods 5 letters YEARS
___ are … 4 letters ODDS
Adds some excitement to … and what you’ll find in the starred clues’ answers? 8 letters SPICESUP
Actress Reid 4 letters TARA
Hear hear! 4 letters AMEN
Suffix for Jumbo 4 letters TRON
Treasure holders 6 letters CHESTS
State with more vowels than consonants 6 letters HAWAII
Relax 6 letters UNWIND
Like some humor 3 letters DRY
Prepare for a bodybuilding competition 5 letters OILUP
Clear as a whiteboard 5 letters ERASE
Shoe bottom 4 letters SOLE
Caustic chemical 3 letters LYE
Bygone 3 letters OLD
Freezer cubes 3 letters ICE
___/her pronouns 3 letters SHE

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