Universal Crossword May 12 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 12 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 12 2024 Answers:

Name that anagrams to sale 4 letters ELSA
SNL comedian Michael 3 letters CHE
Peak 4 letters ACME
Digital forums for banter among friends 10 letters GROUPCHATS
Castle defense 4 letters MOAT
London Underground warning 10 letters MINDTHEGAP
Quaint places to stay 4 letters INNS
Flexible blackjack cards 4 letters ACES
All-vowel French word 3 letters EAU
Yeast morel cordyceps etc. 5 letters FUNGI
Road goo 3 letters TAR
E-cigarettes 5 letters VAPES
In need of a rinse 5 letters SOAPY
Singer Eartha who advocated for LGBT rights 4 letters KITT
Law promoting accessibility for short 3 letters ADA
Gymnast Suni or director Spike 3 letters LEE
Fancy porcelain 9 letters BONECHINA
___-angle lens 4 letters WIDE
Give us a bit more time to get this done 15 letters WEREWORKINGONIT
Simplicity 4 letters EASE
Zero-calorie sodas with a caffeine-free variety 9 letters DIETCOKES
Dude 3 letters BRO
Hair goo 3 letters GEL
Longings 4 letters YENS
Back half of a vinyl 5 letters BSIDE
Dulce de ___ 5 letters LECHE
Spot to enter a PIN 3 letters ATM
Part of a Hinge profile 5 letters PHOTO
Eureka! 3 letters AHA
Ad award 4 letters CLIO
Crumbly Froyo topping 4 letters OREO
Common tryst locations 10 letters MOTELROOMS
Bread served with butter chicken 4 letters NAAN
Spinning attire? 10 letters GYMCLOTHES
Jane ___ 4 letters EYRE
A spider! 3 letters EEK
Have on 4 letters WEAR
Buss It rapper Banks 5 letters ERICA
Reclusive person 5 letters LONER
Bath bubbles 4 letters SUDS
Well-suited 3 letters APT
Small diversion 11 letters CHEAPTHRILL
The ___ (Dutch city) 5 letters HAGUE
When a plane is due in: Abbr. 3 letters ETA
Essential ___ acids 5 letters AMINO
Snake at a wedding? 9 letters CONGALINE
Spa treatments that can be ruined by gloves or socks 9 letters MANIPEDIS
UFO pilots 3 letters ETS
Exam for future MBAs 4 letters GMAT
Possible way to simplify a boss battle 9 letters CHEATCODE
UV-blocking initials 3 letters SPF
San Francisco’s country: Abbr. 3 letters USA
Look at 4 letters VIEW
Test to validate basic assumptions 11 letters SANITYCHECK
Throw slangily 4 letters YEET
Patella location 4 letters KNEE
Band venue … or a Jamaican genre you might hear in one 9 letters DANCEHALL
Pepper-based protection for some campers 9 letters BEARSPRAY
… that’s the word on the street 9 letters ORSOIHEAR
50s presidential nickname 3 letters IKE
Asian pans 4 letters WOKS
James ___ Space Telescope 4 letters WEBB
Departed 4 letters GONE
Acquire 3 letters GET
Surname that sounds like a sand formation 5 letters DOONE
Instruction on a Wonderland cake 5 letters EATME
Word before shirt or spirit 5 letters ALOHA
Kitchen counter? 5 letters TIMER
Green growth a hiker might slip on 4 letters MOSS
Wowza in a text 3 letters OMG
___ d’Ivoire 4 letters COTE
53 – 52 3 letters ONE
Hey in Spanish 3 letters OYE
Use an oar 3 letters ROW

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