Universal Crossword May 10 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword May 10 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword May 10 2024 Answers:

*Embarrass 4 letters BASH
Tailor-made edge 3 letters HEM
Fireplace remnants* 4 letters ASHE
*Gymnast Comaneci 4 letters ADIA
Capital of Yemen 5 letters SANAA
Bleeding Love singer Lewis* 4 letters LEON
*Moves at a moderate pace 4 letters ROTS
Choose some apps say 5 letters ORDER
Super 8 or Econo Lodge* 4 letters MOTE
Weaving contraption 4 letters LOOM
Type of bean in succotash 4 letters LIMA
Was not honest with 6 letters LIEDTO
Steam rooms 6 letters SAUNAS
*Signature color of the Hermes luxury brand 5 letters RANGE
With 34- and 35-Down be unable to understand … like the apt name off this grid’s left side and word off its right? 3 letters NOT
Green tea powder* 5 letters MATCH
*Computer desktop items 4 letters CONS
Extra small 5 letters MICRO
Necklace ornament* 4 letters CHAR
*___ the Great 3 letters ATE
Contributing circumstances 7 letters FACTORS
Frozen queen* 3 letters ELS
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do singer Neil 6 letters SEDAKA
Sicilian volcano for short 6 letters MTETNA
Infer 5 letters EDUCE
Like a thunderous crowd 5 letters AROAR
House paint brand 4 letters BEHR
Prepare flour 4 letters SIFT
*Creatures from Endor 4 letters WOKS
Stand in front of a model perhaps 5 letters EASEL
Goad* 4 letters EGGO
*Shipper’s supply 3 letters APE
Most outlandish 7 letters ZANIEST
Tear apart* 3 letters REN
*Precalc course 3 letters RIG
My experience was the same as yours 7 letters IDIDTOO
Pay for a hand* 3 letters ANT
*Peepers 3 letters YES
Tug of Words channel 3 letters GSN
Repeatedly in poems 3 letters OFT
Tie to a dock* 3 letters MOO
Place to put on some weights 3 letters BAR
Commotion 3 letters ADO
Stop standing 3 letters SIT
Can last 7 letters HASLEGS
Mouth organ 9 letters HARMONICA
Conclusion 3 letters END
Violent whirlpool 9 letters MAELSTROM
Annual book of facts 7 letters ALMANAC
Online marketing metric for short 3 letters SEO
Scorching 3 letters HOT
U-turn from WSW 3 letters ENE
Chimney residue 4 letters SOOT
Solo at the Met 4 letters ARIA
Tribute poem 3 letters ODE
Silent 3 letters MUM
Tao Te Ching author 6 letters LAOTSE
Requiring help 6 letters INNEED
Wise goddess 6 letters ATHENA
Vector’s counterpart 6 letters SCALAR
Early color TV maker 3 letters RCA
Breast Cancer Awareness mo. 3 letters OCT
Day parts: Abbr. 3 letters HRS
See 29-Across 9 letters MAKEHEADS
See 29-Across 9 letters ORTAILSOF
Put on a happy ___ 4 letters FACE
Peasant 4 letters SERF
Gives a nickname to or a nickname for the Warriors 4 letters DUBS
Certain shopping bag 4 letters TOTE
Dashed through the door 5 letters RANIN
Handle effectively 5 letters SEETO
Like someone once bitten twice shy 4 letters WARY
Boy from Mayberry 4 letters OPIE
Beer barrels 4 letters KEGS
Nickname that drops a -ney 3 letters SID
Metric unit of weight 4 letters GRAM
UConn basketball coach Auriemma 4 letters GENO
Not bamboozled by 4 letters ONTO
Sharp turn 3 letters ZIG
Pre-K enrollee 3 letters TOT

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