Universal Crossword March 30 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword March 30 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword March 30 2024 Answers:

Very close pals for short 4 letters BFFS
Until now 3 letters YET
Terse farewell 3 letters BYE
Piece of folklore 4 letters TALE
Pursued romantically 5 letters WOOED
Fishing line holder 4 letters REEL
Fruit often used in gin 4 letters SLOE
Gut feeling 5 letters HUNCH
The A in A.D. 4 letters ANNO
I see 14 letters SOTHATSHOWITIS
Change the direction of 7 letters REROUTE
Person who has appeared in the most Marvel movies 7 letters STANLEE
Resistance unit 3 letters OHM
Alternative to medium or hot 4 letters MILD
IV – I 3 letters III
Wild pig 4 letters BOAR
Took a plane 4 letters FLEW
Elective eye surgery 5 letters LASIK
Research on a political rival for short 4 letters OPPO
Type of campaign in which 36-Across might be used 5 letters SMEAR
___-Cola 4 letters COCA
On edge 5 letters TESTY
Caesar’s And you?! 4 letters ETTU
Check over 4 letters SCAN
___ Talk 3 letters TED
Folder full of your emails 4 letters SENT
Suffix with end but not begin 3 letters ING
Nice touch? 7 letters LOVETAP
Nonphysical mining material 7 letters RAWDATA
If everything were perfect … 14 letters INANIDEALWORLD
Certain evergreen 4 letters PINE
Heart chambers 5 letters ATRIA
Future MBA’s subject 4 letters ECON
The Story or Story of My Life 4 letters SONG
You ___ goose! 5 letters SILLY
Common wedding garment 4 letters SUIT
Bother repeatedly 3 letters NAG
Poodle variety 3 letters TOY
Late-night host Meyers 4 letters SETH
K-pop superstars 3 letters BTS
Unrealistic belief 9 letters FALSEHOPE
Clue boards essentially 9 letters FLOORMAPS
Deal with 5 letters SEETO
I wouldn’t know 9 letters YOUTELLME
Ages and ages 4 letters EONS
Pharm. workers 5 letters TECHS
Smarties 9 letters BRAINIACS
1983 film in which Mandy Patinkin played Avigdor 5 letters YENTL
Start of a choosing rhyme 5 letters EENIE
Hypotheticals 7 letters WHATIFS
Indian loincloth 5 letters DHOTI
Be defeated 4 letters LOSE
Wordlessly sing 3 letters HUM
Sob loudly 4 letters WAIL
A Roomba is one 5 letters ROBOT
Specs 5 letters DEETS
Last one in to a child 9 letters ROTTENEGG
Plant in approximately 250 Monet paintings 9 letters WATERLILY
Missing one could cause an awkward situation 9 letters SOCIALCUE
That’s impossible 9 letters ICANTDOIT
Roo’s mom 5 letters KANGA
Make a quick escape 7 letters RUNAWAY
Mythical hairy creature 4 letters YETI
Fathers to tots 5 letters DADAS
Only even prime number 3 letters TWO
My ___ are sealed 4 letters LIPS
Layered vegetable 5 letters ONION
Wheel of Fortune co-host White 5 letters VANNA
___ four 5 letters PETIT
Common wedding garment 5 letters DRESS
It becomes another name when bookended by C and S 4 letters ARLO
Highest in a sequence 3 letters NTH

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